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Weekend: 3月17日: Osaka meals.

OSAKA MEALS. Oh hey! So Osaka. I need to dish. It was full of sumo watching (which I will have to talk about in another post) and some weirdly wonderful meals. I must tell you everything that I ate, breaking … Continue reading

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JAPAN LIFE: What I did this weekend.

I read this funny quote in a travel book (I think?) before moving to Japan, “Don’t go to Asia to find yourself, you’ll only end up lost.” Oh, this mysterious person speaks THE TRUTH, my friends. Culture shock hit me … Continue reading

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Lemony Whole Wheat Pancakes

See! What did I tell you? I couldn’t stay away from food for very long. I think this could be called the “year of pancakes” because I’ve been on such a pancake kick lately. I have them at least once … Continue reading

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TRAINING: I finished 20 miles…

Annie and I ran our 20 miler on a beautiful Saturday morning. We ran from Burlington to Charlotte (a town nearby) on country roads. They were lovely, scenic, and hilly. I finished feeling good, but thirsty. I ran out of … Continue reading

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Wednesday eats.

7:30 a.m. – I made a whole wheat version of the sourdough pancakes for breakfast. Fantastic! They didn’t rise as high, but were just as delicious. I had them with banana slices, blackberries, and maple syrup along with a dish … Continue reading

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