Running: Mainly long & slow


Week One: It begins
Week Two: A cold week.
Week Three: 9 miler + swimming begins!
Week Four: It felt like Spring.
Week Five: Backstroke is hard.
Week Six: Taking it easy.
Week Seven: Crazy busy.
Week Eight: I got new shoes.
Week Nine: Foam rolling is working.
Week Ten: Spring Break=So relaxing.
Week Eleven: Chia Seeds!
Week Twelve: It felt like Summer!
Week Thirteen: Trees Sway.
Week Fourteen: Day by Day.
Marathon Recap: I FINISHED!


My training plan
Jan 16: 8 miles…Brrrrr!
Jan. 23: 6 miles….Too cold!
Jan 31: 8 miles
Feb 6: Snowshoeing @ the Intervale
Feb. 16: New Orleans Half-Marathon
Feb 28: 11 miles & Snow hurdles
March 6: 9 miles
March 14: 12.5 miles
April 4: 16 miles & Eating for a Marathon
April 11: 18 miler!
April 18: Roadtrip to Middlebury
April 26: Surviving 19 miles
May 2: Middlebury Maple Half-Marathon
May 9: I finished 20 miles
May 29: Marathon Recap


Jan 14: Hello Marathon!
Jan 21: Re-evaluating my training program
March 13: 12 mile run
March 21: 13 miles in Cape Cod
March 28: 13.5 miles
April 3: 15 mile run
April 10: 16.75 mile run
April 17: 12 mile run
April 24: 18 mile run. Killerrrr.
May 2: 14 mile fiasco run
May 10: Almost 20 mile run!
May 22: 8 mile run & free yoga
May 24: 2 mile run
May 27: 3 mile run
May 31: Marathon Recap


Homemade sports drink
Marathon nutrition
Post-run smoothies:

//Chocolate-Peanut Butter-Banana
//Spinach-Chocolate-Peanut Butter-Banana


Adirondack 10-Miler
Leaf Peepers Half-Marathon 2010
Leaf Peepers Half-Marathon 2011
Middlebury Maple Half-Marathon
New Orleans Half-Marathon
Race To The Top Of Vermont
Ragnar Relay
San Francisco Half-Marathon (with mainly surfing pictures)
Tokyo Red Dress Valentine’s Hash Run

5 Responses to Running: Mainly long & slow

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  4. What a cool section–as I fellow runner, I love reading about everyone else’s experiences hitting the pavement ! I will definitely be “following” your blog!

    Courtney Hosny

  5. It’s great to find everything on the same page! Thanks! ;)

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