Winter in the White Mountains

Mount Adams
Mount Adams
Mount Adams
Mount Adams
Mount Adams
Mount Adams
Mount Adams
Mount Adams
Mount Adams

I hung out in New Hampshire and climbed up Mount Adams, the second highest peak in New England (elevation 5,793 feet), this weekend. It’s totally winter up there and so ethereal-looking. Definitely the most beautiful hike I’ve done in New England so far! Unfortunately my hands got too cold if I took off my mittens, so eating my peanut butter and jelly sandwich during the hike was a challenge. I consumed a lot of hot coffee, hot chocolate, beer, and pizza afterwards:)

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L.L. Bean is coming to town. Obviously!

LL Bean is coming to town. Obviously.

I was walking across campus when I saw the quintessential L.L.Bean boot truck-style on UVM’s campus. Their store is opening soon and holy marketing!

In other midweek random TMI moments, I read this on Amanda’s awesome blog and thought I’d join in. I guess it’s blown up on YouTube and I’m intrigued enough to jump in.

1. What are you wearing?
My lounging attire. Lululemon wonder under pants in black, “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” t-shirt (Ohio company and the softest t-shirt EVER), Darn Tough boot socks.

2. Have you ever been in love?
Not enough.

3. Have you even gone through a horrible breakup?
Been there, done that.

4.  How tall are you?
5 ft. 6 1/2in.

5. How Much do you weigh?

6. Do you have tattoos?
Two stupid ones, gotten respectively at age 18 and 19.

7. Do you have piercings?
Only my ears, one of my better decisions:)

8. What is the ideal couple to you? 
Jack T. Colton and Joan Wilder.

 9. Your favourite TV show?  
I’m terribly behind on TV. I feel like so many people watch so many good shows and I’ll never catch up, so I watch silly stuff. Currently into The Mindy Project and Nashville.

10. Your favourite band? 
TOUGH QUESTION. Fleetwood Mac, I think. Runner’s up: Talking Heads, Arcade Fire, Sigur Ros.

11. Something you’re missing?
My family, running (can’t anymore), my friends in Japan, and okonomiyaki.

12.  Your favourite song?
Of all-time!?!?!?! Billie Jean.

13. How old are you?
I just turned 34.

14. What’s your astrological sign? 
Libra, and I’ve been getting in astrology (for fun), so my sun ascendant is Gemini and my moon is Aquarius.

15. An essential quality for a boyfriend?
They need to have a bookshelf.

16. Favourite Quote?
“So many books, so little time.” -Frank Zappa

17. Favourite Actor?
Heath Ledger. RIP.

18. Favourite Colour?

19. Do you listen to music at a low or high volume? 
High with Bose speakers.

20. Where do you go when you are sad?
For a walk.

21. How long do you stay in the shower?
It takes a decent amount of time if I wash my hair.

22. How long does it take to get ready in the morning?
I can get ready in a flash, but then it takes like four hours for my hair to dry.

23. Did you ever get in a fight?

With my sisters when I was little. I threw the My Little Pony salon and gave my sister Kim a black eye. Ooops.

24. Something that seduces you in a man?
Some mystery.

25. The most repelling thing in a man? 
Total unstability.

26. Why do you have a blog?
Random expression of creativity.

27. What are you afraid of? 
Something happening to my family.

28. The last thing that made you cry?
The movie Boyhood.

29. The last time you said “I love you”?

30. What does your blog name mean?
I used to cook more, so it was more food-related, but I tend to snack a lot and pick at food (awesome qualities, right?).

31. The latest book you read? 
The Hot Zone 

32. What are you currently reading?
Nothing! What should I read next? I thought about Lord of the Rings – I’ve never read it! – but friends have been giving me mixed reviews.

33. The latest TV series you watched?

34. The last person you talked to?

35. Who did you last text with? 

36. Your favourite food? 

37. Places you want to visit?
I’d like to go West again.

38. The last place you visited?

39. Are you currently sweet on someone?
My cat.

40. The last person you kissed?
My cat.

41. The last insult you were told?
“Stop complaining about your f-cking broad shoulders!!!!” – my sister Allison

42. Your favourite candy flavour?
Sour Apple.

43. Do you play an instrument?
Pffft, I wish. I can’t clap on beat.

44. Your favourite piece of jewelry? .
My star ruby ring from Turkey. Thanks dad!

45. The last sport session you practiced?
I went to yoga this afternoon and had an awesome session with my friend Karen. We did some power poses, like this one!

46. The latest song you sang?
Beast of Burden by Rolling Stones.

47. Your favourite catch phrase?
I’m more into GIFS at the moment…

48. Have you ever used it?

Oh yeah.

49. Your last evening out?


50. Who are you tagging?
Everyone – sharing is caring, and the Internet needs more TMI questions out there floating around cyberspace, amirite.

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apartment life : interior : photography : mark borthwick’s home : brooklyn : new york


I read that Emily of the blog Into The Gloss is a huge fan of photographer Mark Borthwick, and after some Internet stalking I discovered that his apartment is BADASS. So many plants! I got inspired to buy a $20 spider plant this weekend. My favorite line from an interview I read on why everything is haphazard in his pad:

‘I like a sense of decay. I find things get very “important” when you frame them.’

Originally posted on openhouse:

photographer, musician, magic maker, mark borthwick and his beautiful brooklynapartment. photos : christopher sturman via : somewhere i would like to live

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Happy Halloween, y’all.


(Oct. 31st blog challenge –> SHARE YOUR HALLOWEEN COSTUME)

I dressed up in all my old western gear from my summer job at a ranch in New Mexico at work for Halloween today. In all honesty, I could dress like this everyday: bring on the chunky turquoise, tooled leather belts, plaid, and cowboy hats. I’m craving some high-desert these days.

I’ve been into reading spooky stories this week too, which is totally NOT my thing. Currently reading the 1995 non-fiction book called The Hot Zone which chronicles the Ebola virus. It makes me never want to fly again! And here’s some scary mini-stories via Jezebel. None of them beat my mom’s childhood nightcreeper story though, which I’ll save for another day. Happy Halloween, y’all.

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My pre-concert beverage: Spinach – Apple – Carrot – Lemon Juice!


(Oct. 29th blog challenge –> A DAY IN THE LIFE)

I worked and then went to see Echosmith at Higher Ground tonight. Just a ‘meh’ show – I only knew the Cool Kids song – but my pre-concert beverage was delicious! My parents brought me up a juicer for my birthday and this is the first go-around I’ve had with it. It’s an assortment of things that I already had in the fridge. The spinach didn’t get juiced too well…..but I loved the carrot/apple/lemon flavors.

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Silent Birthday Edition



Oct. 22nd blog challenge –> WORDLESS WEDNESDAY

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Cool Things

via Outside Magazine

Oct. 15th blog challenge – LINK LOVE

A student sent me an e-mail the other day with the subject line “Cool Things,” which I initially thought was total spam, but instead it had this GEM of an article. I want to find a 1988 G Wagon to take me on adventures… (Warning: my mom and I cried.)

Ebola, A Nurse’s Perspective <—I’m kind of freaked out about this whole thing.

Joanna’s Beauty Routine!!!!!

On making friends after 30. (Also found on A Cup of Jo, one of my very favorite blogs.)

My friend Laney sent me this article today about Birkin bags that are smelling like skunks.

Allison tipped me off about the 6 Secrets to an Irresistible Online Profile 

If you are obsessed with what people eat for breakfast – like me! – read THIS. The Japan ones are intense, I mean, some kids in the world get chocolate sprinkles and others get natto.

Lastly, I’m getting all of my peeps addicted to star charts. Here’s a free one, you just need to know your date, time, and place of birth. I’m obsessed with my Moon sign, which my friend who’s into Astrology (and the Internet) tells me is my emotional core. Uhhh I’m an Aquarius Moon, and it’s slogan is “Tethered to a distant galaxy…” Aqua moons are, in essence, eccentric loners emotionally. And we like other emotionally eccentric loners. It explains so so so so so so sosososososososo much.

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