What’s up, fitness-wise?


I’m so lackadaisical about my workout routine right now. As a recovering-marathon runner, I think this is good for me, hahaha! (Geez, that’s an obsessive sport.) I like walking, a lot. I attempt to swim. I try to do yoga. I’d like to do all of them more frequently, but that’s everyone’s wish, I bet.


In Windsor a couple of weekends ago, I went to visit my favorite college friends Tom and Mindi. Tom used to swim in college, so we went open water swimming at the pond near their house. It was cold, so cold that I lost feeling in my extremities, but I can say I did a little open water workout before it got too too too frigid. Winter’s coming, ack!

I had to document the gorgeous lake, Tom, and the fact that I could stuff all of my hair under that cap.


I’m also swimming a bit on campus, usually a couple of days a week. I’m actually retaking my swimming class because I never go on my own. It’s twice a week and in a perfect world, I’d go one extra day on my own. That’s happened once. Currently, gearing up for a TIMED 500 m this Thursday though, so I hit the pool this morning.


I go for lots of walks around town, and a few weeks ago, I saw this smiley face on the sidewalk. So cute! I like to walk at a pretty brisk pace, put on my iPod and listen to music and just zone out. I often think, “I need a dog!” Music-wise, I’m currently loving anything by FKA twigs, Family of the Year, The War on Drugs, Lykke Li, Sylvan Esso, Dolly Parton, Rusted Root, Don Edwards, and Tina Turner.

I’m getting sad that our daylight is waning.


A couple of weeks ago, I came up with the hair-brained idea to try to do yoga every single day until my birthday in October. I bought a 30-day pass to my absolute favorite yoga studio. I was gung-ho fitting a 60 or 90 min class into my day. And then that lasted for exactly seven days, haha! But for that seven days I was on an awesome yoga and green juice kick.


And hiking! I’ve only been a handful of times, but hopefully will get out for more of it this fall. I went hiking with Marissa in the ADKs, a few times on my own around Stowe, and then about a month ago I went on a spontaneous first date adventure. There was a potential for rock climbing, which I hadn’t done in years. Of course, I worried about what to wear.


I joked to friends that I had more outfits than Beyonce for this Vermont adventure. They also told me I was completely bonkers and to just meet up for coffee with this person. I did not listen. The weather was iffy, so no rock climbing. We ended up hiking then fishing then drinking beer. FASTEST HIKER EVER. He hiked the entire PCT at age 18, like the boy version of Cheryl Strayed’s Wild. Our date lasted 8 hours, and was quite fun, but I have not seen him again. It’s for the best.

Oct. 7 blog challenge – SEVEN LIFE LESSONS

My hair looks better when I don’t comb it. Heinz is better than any homemade ketchup I’ve tried. NYT still has the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. It’s okay to put yourself out there. Trust intuition. Darn Tough makes the best socks. Thank you notes and postcards are never over-rated (and I could always be better about sending more).

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Ireland/Italy [video snippets]

Ireland/Italy from Sarah on Vimeo.

Here’s some video snippets from Ireland and Italy this summer. Take me back! I got some good beach time in both places.

Oct 6 blog challenge – SIX PET PEEVES

Walking behind slow people.
Drivers who tailgate (fast walker/slow driver, ha!).
Riding in a car with no music.
Vermont’s lack of happy hours (WHY? It’s already so expensive here.).
An unmade bed.
Slow and/or lack of internet. (They try to trick me abroad, by saying they have wifi, but then I’d be unable to join the network. Oh how it tortured me! This is a picture of me trying to get on advertised “free” wifi in a pub in Ireland.)


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Happy Sunday from the top of Vermont!


The same view as Friday, but on the flip side, and higher harder and much colder! I took the Long Trail up to the summit of Mt. Mansfield. I’ve climbed to the top of Mansfield multiple times, but never from the Stowe side. It’s gorgeous! But the drive – because the traffic getting to Stowe on a Sunday in the fall is heinous – and the hike all took longer than I expected, so I came down and could have eaten my hiking boots. I had only had an apple and a Cliff bar all day, so I stopped at Piecasso in Stowe for pizza on the way home and inhaled all of this in the car. I lugged my giant Nikon up the mountain, so better quality fall foliage pics coming soon.

Oooh and something fun this month. I read that Teri was doing this challenge, and I need some blogspiration lately, so I’m going to try to hop on board.


Geez, this is hard! First five that come to me, in no particular order.

Lost in Translation. Sixteen Candles. Like Crazy. Love Actually. Goonies.


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Happy Friday from Stowe Pinnacle.


Popped up to the top of Stowe Pinnacle to see the colorful leaves today. It’s gorgeous x 1,000 in Vermont right now.

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“Two Weeks”/FKA twigs


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9 lipsticks from the depths of my make-up bag


I’m terrrrrrrrible at throwing away old make-up, especially lipsticks. But it’s a Catch-22 because then they sit in a miserable little mess in some bag in a closet. Mostly forgotten. I’m motivated by all these people going minimal – or maybe I’m missing when I was living much more minimally in Japan a year ago – but I’m trying to clear out the clutter. Or just use what I have. Or just know what I have! I wasn’t going to post these pics, but haha – why not! I went through all of my tube lipsticks (not gloss, that’s another can of worms or bag of make-up) I have and tested them out to see what looked liked what on me.

*This was unplanned. My hair is dirty, and my make-up’s messy, and this is just a random lipstick selfie bathroom experiment before I wash my face and go to bed.

No make-up

My natural lips. They disappear and my sisters like to make fun of me for it.

NARS Mitzi

1. NARS Mitzi. ANCIENT, and almost gone. Laney told me about this shade.

NARS Schiap

2. NARS Schiap, a hot hot hot pink shade.

NARS Heatwave

3. NARS Heat Wave, a very very very red shade. It’s my newest lipstick (like I need more!) and I’ve yet to wear it out in public.

J. Crew's Poppy King

4. MAC Vegas Volt, a pretty peach shade. My sister Allison worked for MAC for a little while after college and picked this out for me.

MAC Vegas Volt

5. J. Crew’s Poppy King. Tempted by anything that someone wears in a J.Crew catalog.

L'Paige mood lipstick

6. L’Paige mood lipstick. I don’t know why I only got a pic with this face? I think I’m annoyed by my hair… My sisters and I all got this green lipstick that turns a pink shade one Christmas and it’s so fun!

Lancome Rose Petal

7. Lancome Rose Petal. One of those free lipsticks from the gift bag.

Yojiya RD-1

8. Yojiya RD-1, all the way from Kyoto!

Lancome Perfect Fig

9. Lancome Perfect Fig. This is another free lipstick from a gift bag. In certain light, it looks almost gothic.

I think my favorite is the Yojiya from Japan – OF COURSE! Japan makes the best make-up.


Do you have a go-to lipstick? Do you horde lipsticks, too:)

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A nibbler at heart….


I didn’t want to eat two whole cinnamon rolls before bed tonight, so I just ate one and 9/10 of a second one…..

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