Feng Shui Room-by-Room // My bedroom


When I was in Ohio in July, my mom was trying to quickly hem a dress of mine the night before I left. I was lounging nearby in the sewing room and a book caught my eye on her bookshelf, a 1999 copy of Terah Kathryn Collins’ The Western Guide to Feng Shui Room by Room.


I still have not read the entire book, but holy existential design revelation, my bedroom was ALL WRONG. It was not a “a cozy, sensual bedroom atmosphere.”

Far from it!

At first, I was like, THIS EXPLAINS SO MUCH. Some things I did to immediately feng shui my bedroom literally the day I got back to Vermont:

+ Moved my bed (uhhhh cleaned all the crap under it + flipped the mattress too, yay!) to an opposite wall that was away from the closet. It now faces near the bedroom door, but not directly in front of it. FEELS SO MUCH BETTER <3

+ Down went the doll dress and rocking boat artwork. Instead I printed out two – an important number that was totally lacking in my bedroom and life – pretty cherry blossom photos that I took in Japan and hung them above my bed.


+ Out went my bright orange geometric bedspread. I replaced it with a soft lilac paisley duvet and added two shams from my grandmother.


+ I got two bedside tables and two bedside lamps.

+I put up a tin heart that I found in London and bought a baby orchid to place in the far right corner of the room (love), and some coins in the far left corner of the room (wealth).

+ I removed all TV’s, mirrors, and family photos, but left my hats:)


+ I improved the view from the bed – literally our first and last impressions. Terah said “your view from the bed influences your view of the world…make it a good one!” I took down everything on the wall and hung a simple banner across from the bed that says, “Dream On.”


My bedroom truly feels a million times better. Can’t wait to feng shui more rooms!

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Camping in Groton // What I Ate


Had an awesome time camping at Groton State Park, seriously the nicest campsites and couldn’t have asked for better weather! Wanted to report back on how camping cooking went down.

Friday night // Chili cheese dogs + corn on the cob + S’mores  (unpictured but found the best marshmallow toasting sticks).


Saturday morning // Oatmeal + chopped apple + walnuts + maple syrup with lots of coffee.


Saturday snack // Kind bar (dark chocolate, nuts, and sea salt is the best) while hiking Big Deer mountain…fall is coming!


Saturday lunch // tuna + French onion dip + Ritz crackers + cheese, Cape Cod potato chips, and my favorite pink grapefruit setzler. Also more S’mores, but with banana!


Saturday dinner // While cooking…entertainment + refreshments:) Dinner was spaghetti with Parmesan, roasted broccoli, and garlic bread. Camped near Osmore pond – which had LOONS – so after dinner sipped wine down by the water.


Sunday breakfast // More oatmeal + coffee before packing up and heading to Stowe for a quick (but steep!) hike up Stowe Pinnacle.


Happy Wednesday!

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Gone Camping


LAST weekend I went camping and THIS weekend I’m going camping. This is record because for all my years in Vermont, I’ve only camped out a couple of times, both of them many years ago. One time it was winter camping, which I think turned me off altogether because I felt like I was sleeping on an ice cube, and why I’ve stuck to strictly day hiking ever since!

Last weekend I camped out at a festival, so I didn’t have to worry about food and was only about 100 ft from the car haha. And it was so fun and relaxing! But this time I’m spending the entire weekend at a remote site in the mountains. I’m trying to up-my-game from Zion, where I lived off mac-n-cheese and peanut M&M’s and only had a 1992 Mary Higgins Clark paperback for entertainment:-) Keeping it easy but all the bases – mah mealz – covered. This post helped!

Breakfast: pancakes oatmeal (it’s easier!) + coffee (bringing my Bialetti for kicks and instant coffee as a backup in case there’s hot water problems.)

Lunch: pb&j’s and/or tuna and crackers + apples + granola bars

Dinner ovah a campfire: hot dogs and/or spaghetti…also bringing broccoli because I’ll need some greens

Dessert: SMORES!

Drinks: water, beer, wine

Entertainment: canoeing (camping by a lake!), hiking, book club book, fun book in case my book club book is totally boring (just read this which was cute), knitting (got everything for this in the spring in Seattle because my friend Jordan is making it and have yet to start…), cards, Pictionary.

Happy weekending xo!



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Sumsumsummatime on the California Coast


A pink-hued Blue Moon over Burlington.

When I was in New Orleans for Alison’s wedding earlier this summer, Laney mentioned that she was going to be at a conference out in Monterey, California at the end of July. Her husband couldn’t join her, would I want to come?

Um let me think about that for .0001 seconds, YASSSSS!

It was epic….HIGHLIGHTS


Neither of us had been to that area, so we decided to fly into San Francisco, rent a car, and drive down Highway 1 into Monterey.

DSC_7638 DSC_7640

We arrive, and both of us are starving (of course). After some frantic googling for In-N-Out Burger, we realize there aren’t any near us or really much of anything food-wise, and yet we magically stumble into Duarte’s Tavern, a James Beard award-winner in Pescadero.


California lunch of champions: Local brew, $6 hamburger, homemade Mexican slaw. Unpictured: Olallieberry cobbler, and no, I’d never even heard of that variety of berry before. DEEElish!

And then off for more California coast exploring!

End up getting into Monterey, meet up with some of Laney’s coworkers, and hit up 1833 –> favorite spot in that town!


Just above Monterey is the start of the 17-Mile Highway, home to many 36 million dollars mansions and the famous Pebble Beach golf course. We woke up early and beat the crowds. It started off foggy and turned into a picture-perfect blue sky day by the time we got to the Pebble Beach area. 

DSC_7657 DSC_7658


Gah the cuteness of this little town. Its houses are named after fairy tales, the beach is stunning, and we had some knock-out cocktails @ Porta Bella.



The views on this drive:D

Stopped at Nepenthe for lunch and more gorgeous scenic spots, checked out uber dreamy McWay Waterfall, and hiked the Ewoldsen Trial in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.

WARNING: I think I backed up off the trail to take a photo and got, like, the worst case of poison oak. It was at the end of the trip luckily, but I needed to go to the doctor twice back in Vermont. Ahhhh!

✨Hiking the Ewoldsen trail in Big Sur✨

Poison oak aside can’t wait to meet California again!

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9th Rock from the Sun

My adolescent development class this summer is kicking.my.lazy.lily.white.summer.ass so I haven’t had time to blog about July 4th in the heartland, aka OHIO! I’m in class 8 hrs a day with homework at night for the next two weeks, but on a short but sweet 15-min break today the professor showed this Stephen Colbert clip about Pluto. It’s both A W E S O M E & H I L A R I O U S. More importantly, Pluto has a heart on the surface that we haven’t been able to see for, like, billions of years. So good. I had to share!


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August First Bakery’s Roasted Sesame Chicken Bowl

Can't stop, won't stop...favorite lunch in #btv! August First's roasted sesame chicken bowl.

I’ve gotten this twice this week: August First Bakery’s Roasted Sesame Chicken Bowl. It’s the best salad I’ve had in a long time, loaded with layers of spinach, chickpeas, roasted broccoli, wild rice, walnuts, roasted sweet potatoes cut into tiny slices, with a slice of lemon and sesame tahini dressing on the side.

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Copycat Catch-up!

Maine in June
Maine in June


I’ve been in a bit of a blog funk as of lately, so I thought it’d be fun to catch up on a few little things and hopefully prompt more blogging this summer. One of my favorite blogs that I still read religiously is Simply B. Brooke used to live in Burlington, and then moved to Charleston (dreamy), and always has cute/fun/interesting/inspiring/real life posts. Copying THIS ONE!

ATE <–> Burlington brunches! Hit up two favorites – Penny Cluse + Leunig’s – this weekend. Usually go with a basic brunch anywhere I go – eggs over medium, toast, home fries, coffee, juice – and then try to steal bites from someone who ordered a more adventurous dish. We are who we are :D Also have made this and this and this!

DRANK <–> Anything with mint. I’m growing some herbs this summer, and have two kinds of mint. I made a Pimm’s cocktail and dig tiki drinks lately, so I’m dying to recreate the Zombie.

WENT <–> Up Camel’s Hump, a classic Vermont hike. And the trail steward was in a kilt, ha! Swimming has totally fallen to the wayside for my favorite summer activity of HIKING. I haven’t been to the pool since my class ended in May – so swimming across Lake Champlain sounds totally crazy – but I try to get out and hike most weekends. So far I’ve been up Mt Mansfield, Mt Abe, Snake Mountain, Mt Philo, Camel’s Hump, and the Beehive Trail in Maine.

WORE <–>Well, since it was 59 degrees on Sunday, I’m still digging my super cheap, completely faded black Old Navy Super Skinny Rockstar jeans…I wear these out at night and also hiked in Zion in them for days. THEY ARE THE GREATEST. Also love these sandals from Target (on sale for $15!) AND my Cobra Rock boots (big birthday splurge), which fulfill my wildest dreams of living on a ranch out west whenever they are on my feet.

REFLECTED ON <–>This quote…’No union is more profound than marriage’ -Justice Anthony Kennedy #LoveWins

ANTICIPATED <–>Sadly not London because my course didn’t fill for the first time in 8 years (I’m taking an intensive two-week education class on campus instead…), but I’m stoked for Fourth of July in Ohio! Mindi, Tom, Avery, and I are leaving in the wee early morning hours this Wednesday for our annual roadtrip from Vermont to Ohio for a week of 4th of July festivities with our families. I haven’t seen my family, besides Allison, since Christmas so I’m thrilled.

WATCHED <–> Ummmmmm I just watched Napoleon Dynamite for the first time ever this week. M I N D B L O W N. I’m mad it took me 11 years to watch that gem of a gem. Also hit up Inside Out, and breezed through 8 episodes of Grace & Frankie on Netflix. Lily Tomlin is so freaking hilarious!

LISTENED TO <–> “The Promise” by When in Rome (because I’m still thinking about Napoleon Dynamite) and Rickie Lee Jones. A friend was listening to her new album, and then we started listening to ALL of her stuff, and then researching her life with Tom Waits.…got a bit obsessed in the best possible way. She’s dreamy.

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