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Alternative Easter Sunday in the Southwest (\ /) <–my attempt at bunny ears:)

Last Sunday was the last day of a three-day backpacking trip in the southwest! There’s a crazy story involving our spontaneous backcountry camping trip, but thought I’d start with a quick recap of our Easter day. Started with sunrise @ … Continue reading

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Spring Break in Seattle <3 x 1,000,000,000

This was last Sunday’s view, the infamous gum wall near the Public Market in Seattle. Jen and I ran down and took some pictures sandwiched between an afternoon gazing at Mt Rainier from the top of Crystal Mountain and a … Continue reading

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My favorite apple crisp on the planet.

I made THIS for dessert for a dinner party last weekend, and while it’s not apple season which people take serious up here, it totally hit the spot. The dark depths of sub-zero February felt like Fall for a night. … Continue reading

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Countries + Capitals

Found! My country/capital flashcards. I played this a lot in Japan with other teachers, and ironically, just had a professor do a lecture for some students on his Fulbright in Ulaanbaatar of all places. Happy weekending:)

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THIS WEEK: “Lampshades on Fire” / “Morning”

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ve been working on some new mugs in pottery class, very V-Day appropriate. I’m so excited that I FINALLY got my hanko (a stamp of my name in Japanese) back because now I’m using it as my … Continue reading

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Happy 65th Birthday Dennis – all books, no cake!

I went to one of my favorite German professor’s 65th birthday party over the weekend at another professor’s house. It was adorable in the most literary way: there was no birthday cake, but he got surprised with a published book … Continue reading

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iPhone Outtakes

After taking too many photos and videos ROLLER SKATING last night – toofuntoofuntoofuntoofun – my iPhone ran out of storage. I backed up my phone this morning and laughed at some of the random things I took photos of the past year … Continue reading

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