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Hello! I’ve been on a total Chinese food kick lately.

Hello! Foodwise, I’ve been on a total Chinese food kick lately. Last week I had it three times, twice for work-related presentations and once at lunch with co-workers. Work meeting over cappuccinos at Scout & Co. Otherwise, things have been … Continue reading

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Winter in the White Mountains

I hung out in New Hampshire and climbed up Mount Adams, the second highest peak in New England (elevation 5,793 feet), this weekend. It’s totally winter up there and so ethereal-looking. Definitely the most beautiful hike I’ve done in New … Continue reading

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L.L. Bean is coming to town. Obviously!

I was walking across campus when I saw the quintessential L.L.Bean boot truck-style on UVM’s campus. Their store is opening soon and holy marketing! In other midweek random TMI moments, I read this on Amanda’s awesome blog and thought I’d join … Continue reading

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apartment life : interior : photography : mark borthwick’s home : brooklyn : new york

Originally posted on openhouse:
photographer, musician, magic maker, mark borthwick and his beautiful brooklyn apartment. photos : christopher sturman via : somewhere i would like to live

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Happy Halloween, y’all.

(Oct. 31st blog challenge –> SHARE YOUR HALLOWEEN COSTUME) I dressed up in all my old western gear from my summer job at a ranch in New Mexico at work for Halloween today. In all honesty, I could dress like this everyday: bring … Continue reading

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My pre-concert beverage: Spinach – Apple – Carrot – Lemon Juice!

(Oct. 29th blog challenge –> A DAY IN THE LIFE) I worked and then went to see Echosmith at Higher Ground tonight. Just a ‘meh’ show – I only knew the Cool Kids song – but my pre-concert beverage was delicious! My … Continue reading

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This was a fun (but $$$$) Halloween party!

(Oct. 23nd blog challenge –> favorite past Halloween costume) It was 2007 in Burlington, VT. I was finishing up graduate school, and I had just moved into a new apartment. (Uh, and I think my ninth move in a year and a half, counting … Continue reading

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