SUMMER THROWBACK: long-lost 2011 pics & 5 favorite old songs!

Thursday 6/23/11
bristol falls
Merlin {working name}: Day 2

Oooh, it’s about to be the beginning of summer. I love this moment. I found some long-forgotten pictures from an album titled “summer 2011” on my computer. I had fun looking through them – BABY MERLIN! – so how could I not resist posting random pics from my favorite season? Also, sharing some of my favorite songs that remind me of summer at the moment. All very ancient. Please tell me new (or old!) faves!

1. My Morning Jacket – Wordless Chorus (2006)

Once it’s warm enough to roll down the windows – a moment to savor for sure – I like to crank this song.


2. Aphex Twin – Film (1997)

I had this song on an old CD from over a decade ago, burned for a long road trip out west. Again, it reminds me an open road and the car windows down and bursts of total freedom.


3. Portishead – Glory Box (1994)

I think this is the sexiest song, maybe ever, but it might be a matter of taste. My friend Jen came over last week and was like, “What……are you listening to?”


4. Jeff Buckley – Everybody Here Wants You (1998)

In Louisiana, Laney and I were reminiscing about Jeff Buckley. So beautiful. Such a beautiful voice. THIS is my favorite Jeff Buckley song.


5. Tom Petty – You Got Lucky (1982)

I’ve been stalking Tom Petty’s website to see if they are releasing any more summer tour dates….alas, not so lucky….but I remain hopeful!


P.S. I did sunrise yoga again this morning! I’m giving myself a virtual pat-on-the-back. Summer goal: make this a routine.

P.P.S. I’m flying to Ohio tomorrow for a long weekend and I’m so excited to see my family!



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2 Responses to SUMMER THROWBACK: long-lost 2011 pics & 5 favorite old songs!

  1. Brittany says:

    Your photos are FANTASTIC! What an adorable blog!

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