Silly me! I didn’t mention what I ate over the weekend. Well, I started the weekend with an I’m-going-to-stay-home-and-read-and-clean attitude because I was away last weekend in the city that never sleeps and I’m trying to finish The Goldfinch, but ended up going out both nights in Burlington. The nights started out with I’m-just-going-to-drink-water but ended with cheese platters, fries with ketchup (very important!), wine, and whiskey. HA! Peer pressure. And I had the absolute best of intentions. Alas, that cheese plate had one of my new favorites: Spring Brook Farm’s Tarentaise Vermont Alpine Cheese! I highly highly highly recommend it.

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One Response to BAR NIBBLES.

  1. Oh, the beautiful name of the bar caught my attention. Then the cheese…yums!

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