I forgot to mention that last weekend, I bought a new mixer. (Excuse the crappy iPhone pics. I am obviously quite rusty in the food photo department…) I had lost one of my beaters from my old mixer when I moved to Japan, and kept thinking I’d find it…..alas, months later I still have no idea where it went. So I bought a new one. It’s a very basic mixer that I bought on sale at Sears, but hey, it’s better than mixing by hand!


I was feeling under-the-weather on Easter Sunday, but didn’t feel like being totally anti-social. After an Easter meal – which was my favorite breakfast foods – Jen and I made an Eastern European Blueberry-Almond cake.


We went right by the recipe, except couldn’t find almond filling (which is different than paste), so we made our own by following this recipe.

And we added twice the amount of blueberries.


After baking, we dusted the cake with powdered sugar, and the final product was deliciousness. My first homemade cake that I’ve had in a while, since I’ve been baking either cookies, boxed brownies, or Funfetti cake all year. We ate, like, half of it while watching the movie Chocolat.


Oh, and we ate our slices on Santa plates. Ha!


Bon week-end!

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3 Responses to I BOUGHT A MIXER!

  1. cake looks amazing!

  2. eatmashimaro says:

    that looks so good! i miss your baking!

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