MERLIN – part Chartreux?


Picture #1: Merlin, indulging in his favorite activity: watching birds out of the window.


Picture #2: Chartreux cat that I found on the web.

Now, Merlin was a homeless, stray kitten found near the lake in Vermont when I took him home, but wow, he bears an uncanny resemblance to the rare-French breed cat called the Chartreux.

My family hears me say this often and they like to tell me he’s NOT really a Chartreux, and NOT that it really matters, but the above photos that I recently found look like the same cat. Merlin is also large and powerful (but with short legs). Affectionate and a good traveler, he stays mostly silent. He rarely meows and will only silently purr when pleased.



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One Response to MERLIN – part Chartreux?

  1. Terry Reid says:

    He is a very special & gorgeous cat!!!! We love him!!

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