I had a super low-key weekend.

WHAT I WORE: Caterpillar boots (outside), Swedish Hasbeen sandals (inside). I’m trying to break them in for SUMMAHTIME, which feels like it will never happen in Vermont.


WHAT I WATCHED: All of Bravo’s the Love Broker show on iTunes. My sister told me I need first dates tips. (THANKS ALLISON!) And I tried to watch more Breaking Bad, but I had it on at breakfast time and it’s too intense over morning coffee.

WHAT I ATE: Nothing too exciting. I mostly ate at home, but I still have zero desire to actually cook or bake anything. I’ve been eating eggs and oranges for most breakfasts lately. Roasted chicken and veggies for lunches. Whatever for dinner. Something chocolately for dessert. Occasional snack bag of Doritos, something I rarely ate pre-Japan but have craved ever since I’ve come back home.

WHAT I READ: More of Hyperbole and a Half  (lovelovelovelovelovelovelove!) and I just started The Name of the Wind. One of my students said that was his favorite book of all time.

WHAT I LISTENED TO: Beach Boys. “Seasons” by Future Islands. I’m An 80s Baby playlist on Spotify. And I went out to Nectar’s for some live music on Saturday night.


WHAT I DID FOR EXERCISE: I strained my bicep muscle (WTF?), so I haven’t been able to do pretty much anything for the past week and half. It’s been annoying to say the least. But the weather has been SO SO SO cold, that I didn’t venture outside too often all weekend. I went spinning for the first time in years. There were about 40 college kids at the class, a blacked out room, and club music. It was actually really fun! I also tried to start my day with some gentle pilates. There’s a class on campus that I go to on Mondays, or I’ve been doing this MTV Pilates from, like, the early 2000s on YouTube. It’s got Bethenny’s yoga trainer, Kristin McGee, whom I ADORE. Check it out!

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One Response to WHAT’S UP WEEKEND.

  1. Sometimes the low-key weekends are the best :)

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