I can never find an affordable direct route from southern Ohio back to Burlington, so I was supposed to fly back to Vermont on Thursday, via Cleveland, but that flight got cancelled because of snowstorm Hercules. I rebooked through Newark, but that flight got cancelled. I rebooked through Dulles, made it out of Ohio, but my flight out of Dulles got cancelled. I rebooked through Reagan, but that flight got cancelled. I rebooked AGAIN, and never ever want to call any airport hotline again, and made it back to Vermont on Saturday night after a scary flight in high winds only to find ants have taken over my kitchen and hot chocolate exploded in my suitcase. Ha! I was up half the night doing laundry and bug battles.

Luckily, despite the hassle to get back to Vermont, it ended up being a fun detour. My friend Mary lives in DC so it was like a mini-vacation in the city. I got to catch-up and see her new condo, visit some tasty brunch places, go to a yoga class, listen to some live music, and shop at Trader Joe’s. And DC looked pretty awesome in a blanket of its first snow of the season. TONS OF SNOWMEN!

I’m off to do some yoga downtown and a little grocery shopping because my fridge is empty. I’m thinking of making THIS but with chicken and roasted broccoli for dinner. I’ve made that recipe many times before and it’s the real deal.

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3 Responses to A WEEKEND IN AIRPORTS: Stuck in DC.

  1. Snow storms are never fun when you’re traveling but you seemed to have made the best out of the worst situation. Good for you!

  2. Glad you made it back safely! Traveling this past weekend was definitely horrible. I thought I wasn’t going to make it back to DC but eventually got on a flight.

    • Sarah says:

      It sounds like people this week are having an even WORSE time getting home. A coworker is stuck in Florido (although that doesn’t sound too shabby…) but another friend had to cancel her trip to Hawaii for a conference because they couldn’t get her out anytime this week.

      P.S. DC is such fun city! I want to visit again in the spring.

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