A SNOWY WEEKEND: It’s ski season baby.


We got a good 8-12 inches in Burlington over the  weekend. I was at a holiday party on Saturday night and the skiers were SUPER excited to be what they call “first-chair” folks on Sunday morning, while I was worried about road conditions just getting home that night, NEVER MIND driving into the mountains at 5:30 a.m. in the middle of the snow storm. I didn’t grow up skiing and find it rather expensive and scary and cumbersome and cold (gas, possibly dangerous road conditions,  lift ticket, gear, generally single digit temps, etc),  although I went to yoga and did some holiday shopping and grabbed dinner and drinks downtown instead, which wasn’t the cheapest alternative…..ha!


I usually try to go skiing with friends once or twice during the winter (since it lasts for like six months up here), but I’m more into snow shoeing, which is essentially walking in the snow. Or these days, ice skating!

But last night I was reading TRAVEL + LEISURE – taunting me with all their talk about dream beaches – and they actually had a great article on ski resorts, and Vermont is one of the cheapest places to go skiing!  It was fascinating to see the cost breakdown from ski resort to ski resort.


As you can see, the range is from Aspen, Colorado as the most expensive to Stowe, Vermont as the least expensive. (At $471. Still.) I know that many people rag on East Coast skiing and all of its ice, but it’s still skiing in some pretty spots for half the price. And as my cousin likes to tell me, “Sarah! I WISH I could get into a car and drive to a ski resort for the day.”

I discovered an interesting fun snow fact as well: Supposedly, last year a Finnish company called Snow Secure stockpiled 700,000 cubic feet of snow in insulated mounds on the Caucasus Mountains as a back-up plan in case Sochi had an unseasonably warm spell before the Winter Olympics. Just reading about the Winter Olympics makes me stoked and want to bust out 1992’s The Cutting Edge. All the fun begins on February 7th! TOEEEEE PIIIIIICK.

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  1. I loved this movie when I was younger! I remember my best friend and I yelling toe pick constantly. =)

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