On my way back from a meeting, I swung by the greenhouse on campus, this magical place that I had yet to visit. HOW DID I MISS THIS PLACE? It’s gorgeousness inside especially on a freezing, dreary, grey, windy day spitting something between snow and ice from the sky. (Welcome to six months of winter in the Northeast.) I wanted to never leave the warm, tropical air cocoon until spring. Dramatic much, I know, but I came home with two new succulents for a steal and put them in some new pots. An instant cold-weather-feel-good moment, folks. I will be back:)

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3 Responses to I TOOK A DETOUR….

  1. Meghan says:

    Absolutely surreal. I love those sweet little pots, too. Perfect place to hole up, squeeze your eyes shut, and pretend it isn’t 17 degrees out (at least that’s what I’d be doing, since that’s the weather here today). Thanks for a slice of heaven! :)

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