KOALA’S MARCH (コアラのマーチ Koara no Māchi)

japanese snack
japanese snack2
japanese snack3
japanese snack4

FRIDAY! I took the morning off because I’ve been working a lot of nights, and hit up a bikram yoga class downtown. The morning class was PACKED. It’s definitely the busiest yoga studio in town. When I got back into work, a Japanese faculty member dropped me off some Japanese sweets: Koala’s March + Hi Chew! I loved having a little piece of Japan at the desk.

No big weekend plans. I’m skyping with some friends and I need to pack because Monday I leave for O-H-I-O.

Happy pre-Thanksgiving everyone!

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3 Responses to KOALA’S MARCH (コアラのマーチ Koara no Māchi)

  1. Jessica says:

    I think we had something like those over here in the 90s! They were called ‘Koala Yummies.’

  2. One of my favorite snacks all the time

  3. alexsiborn says:

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