HOKKAIDO: Japan Video Diary.


Happy Friday! I was supposed to get highlights in my hair, against friends and family and coworkers objections. Then my hairstylist had to take off Friday for a family event and I had to cancel my appointment. I went to a yoga class at noon instead. Just what I needed. Kismet?

I’m about to head to some friends house in rural Vermont for the weekend – SEE NATURE! I’m sharing a super cute kitten from Sapporo and some video from my Hokkaido trip. It’s a little long – 7 minutes – but we took so much footage that I gave up trying to edit it down anymore. If you can watch it all the way through, you’ll be treated to Eric doing some Irish dancing a la Michael Flatley at the end.


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One Response to HOKKAIDO: Japan Video Diary.

  1. Great video! Liked the four Japanese guys in uniform waving. Not a given. The sandwich, from Furano, I guess, looked great. The miso ramen Eric (?) was having looked great but because he was fidgeting with it, had a negative effect. ^^ The two guys in “pakku”, too funny though I guess it doesn’t have to be exclusive to women.

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