READING + MUSIC: On The Avett Brothers & finding good YA books.


In Japan I have, like, a stack different books that I am reading at any given time depending on my ever-fluctuating mood over here or whenever I come up for a Gossip Girl breath-of-fresh-air. On the current rotation: Fear of Flying (bold 1970’s uninhibited feminist fiction, almost finished), Stealing Buddha’s Dinner (a unique food memoir, halfway finished), I’ve Got Your Number (light chick-lit, 90 percent finished), and the stack of barely cracked Japanese grammar books (sigh). And yet earlier this week I had a hankering for some good young adult reading. Over in Japan, I have no idea what is popular. After perusing Good Reads, I kept seeing SLAMMED on the reading lists.

It is a light read, but as someone in education I do not find any sort of student/student TEACHER relationship entertaining at all. It creeps me out. Also the pace and character development felt rushed. Young adult books are so flipping good when done well – my favorites! – but it’s just so hard to find the good ones.

However, SLAMMED was dedicated to The Avett Brothers and constantly references The Avett Brothers lyrics, so as I am reading last night I put on some of their music. They are fantastic. They are my new dream brothers. Forget Portland, I need North Carolina. My friends have been obsessed with them for years, but I was oblivious. I KNOW. I even turned down an opportunity to go their concert. ARGH. So thank you SLAMMED. I have another concert to add to my list.

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One Response to READING + MUSIC: On The Avett Brothers & finding good YA books.

  1. zwanny63 says:

    I too live the Avett Brothers. Even better live! I’m enjoying your blog too!

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