This book…..

gone girl

Only 93 pages in, but this book is so twisted that it made me get up early to read Sunday morning with a glass (no mugs in my hotel room) of black coffee AND miss my stop on the way back from Tokyo, so it me took two extra two hours and two extra trains to get back home. I got in around midnight after a craaaaaazy, fun weekend in Tokyo.

It was a special weekend, bursting with an abundance of firsts. My very first red dress hash run. WHO HAS RUN IN A HASH BEFORE?! My first time playing cards against humanity. WHERE CAN I BUY THESE? My first time buying weird wigs in Harajuku. I WANT MORE. My very first time eating sweet potato/green tea ice cream. HMMM…. My first time doing purikura. PHOTOBOOTH ON STERIODS. My first time visiting the daibutsu in Kamakura. LOVE! And my first time to the Starbucks in Shibuya. BEST VIEW EVER!

I promise an update soon, but I had a late night, busy day teaching (10 minute lunch and barely time to pee in the afternoon…..), and I NEED TO FINISH THIS BOOK. Priorities, you know.

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7 Responses to This book…..

  1. Just read that book…soooo good!

    • Sarah says:

      I hear it gets CRAZY. I just found out about Andie. Ugh. I am liking Nick less and less, but I feel like that is what the author WANTS, and in the end, I will be on Nick’s side.

  2. windykitchen says:

    I literally canceled plans with friends so I could stay home and finish that book. It really grabs you and demands to be finished immediately!

  3. Hmm now I’m interested to have a read too …

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