Saturday at Hyde Park.

natalie at hyde park

It’s a little after 11 p.m. in London. Posting a picture of my cousin Natalie feeding a squirrel in Hyde Park. She was obsessed with them! I just had the most wonderful weekend with Natalie. I think we took a thousand pictures between the two of us. We are like travel soul mates. Now I am SO behind on photos! And it takes foreeeeeeeever to upload anything here. Even at the Starbucks. Not sure what is up with that?

Moving on, the weather is glorious. FINALLY. I spent the day at The British Museum and hanging out in Regent’s Park. I know, I know. What a treat just to type that out. Plus, we just got back from seeing A Doll’s House at the Young Vic. It’s ranking up there as my favorite play so far. And I’m catching up on The Bachelorette news. She picked Jef, who was my favorite. THE RANCH IN UTAH!!!!

That’s it for now. Recaps might have to wait until…….??????…….I get some downtime or faster Internet, which again, who knows when that will be. Maybe months.

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5 Responses to Saturday at Hyde Park.

  1. Cute Photo – ha!

  2. A Table in the Sun says:

    Love the squirrel photo. My closest encounter was on the top of North Dome in Yosemite Ntl. Park. I was all alone, 2,000 ft above the valley floor, and the little fellow kept coming closer and closer. Perhaps it was my animal magnetism…….or was it my lunch?

  3. realfunfood says:

    Are you still in London this weekend? I hope it’s not too late to meet up!

    • Sarah says:

      Yes, still here! It’s all going so fast…..which is making me kind of sad.

      This weekend will be my last weekend here, and I have no plans. I’d love to meet up! Free anytime Fri-Sun.

  4. researchingparis says:

    I’m enjoying following the travel saga – recipes can wait a bit! Good luck as everything continues, it is so much fun to virtually join you :)

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