London: Day 8 – Museum of London + Fortnum & Mason.

Monday, July 16

After class, a few of us checked out the Museum of London. This is one of my favorite museums in all of London. Mainly for two reasons.

1.) It’s not overwhelming. You can do it in an hour or so.

2.) You walk through it chronologically. It goes from prehistoric times, all the way up to today.

museum of london one

Those hats were incredible. They were part of the leisure period, when people discovered “free time” and would get dressed up to stroll around in parks.

musem of london two

After the museum, a few of us took a coffee/hot chocolate break. I checked out Fortnum & Mason. Wow, wow, wow. Incredibly beautiful shop. Although, I spotted some strange things, like scorpion vodka? I almost bought this perfume that Princess Catherine wore on her wedding day, but it was too expensive. And I don’t have room in my suitcase to bring home anything heavier than a tea towel. God, it smelled like a bouquet of fresh gardenias though. I want it.

Alas, I tore myself away from the perfume – after a heavy spritz – and I walked around Chinatown for a bit.

monday part three

Later that night, we went to see South Downs/The Browning at the Pinter Theatre in Piccadilly Circus. Such a moving play. And I can’t take pictures inside the theatre, but the space was incredible.

My cousin is coming to visit me this weekend. We’re off to explore the Camden Markets today. Happy weekend!

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  1. Loving your photos – Enjoy Your Weekend:)

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