London: Day 5 – Tate Modern and more.


Spent all day in Greenwich and spotted more Olympic venues. It’s massive! I’m still behind though.

Here’s part II.

Friday, July 13

We all went out separate ways after the morning at the Borough Market. I wanted to check out the Tate Modern and walk along the Thames Path on the South Bank. I actually enjoy walking around museums alone, at my own pace.

And I need some alone time every day.

So this was perfect. And I finally got to see some iconic city sights after a week.

The Tate Modern houses the UK’s contemporary art, from 1900 to present, and is located in an old power station along the river. It’s an impressive place to be.


After a couple of hours, I needed a little rest break. The top floor of the museum has a bar overlooking the Thames path, St. Paul’s, and the Millennium bridge.

It’s the best bar view ever. Ever, ever, ever….




Then I walked along the Charing Cross pedestrian bridge to Covent Garden.



Got a cookie from Ben’s Cookies, which blew me away.


Walked around pretty little London streets.


Walked around Piccadilly Circus to Oxford Street.


I was in search of a cheap foam mattress pad from the department store Marks & Spencer. (I’m not very picky in terms of mattresses, but I can feel every single spring right now….so this is a must.) I went to one in Covent Garden, but it didn’t have a home section.

No luck!

At this point, it was dinner time. I picked up a quick salad from the M&S grocery store: grilled chicken with pomegranates, edamame, cucumber, and mixed greens. It was awesome. And sat down to eat it in the food hall with a pot of green tea.


Look, even the napkins are adorable in London!


Next up, Day 6: Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese + Harrod’s

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4 Responses to London: Day 5 – Tate Modern and more.

  1. refinedchef says:

    Love the Tate! what an amazing venue and art gallery! Thanks for sharing!

  2. It always warms my heart to see people enjoying London and appreciating all that my wonderful city has to offer. Hope you’re adjusting to our ‘summer’…

  3. Nice bar view. :D

  4. Ben’s cookies! It’s been over 10 years, but I can still imagine their doughy, rich deliciousness. Love these updates!

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