London: Day 4 – Meals and Richmond.


I’ve been eating this for breakfast: English porridge and berries. I figure it’s the quickest morning meal that is the most cost effective and healthy. I’m on a major budget, since I’m moving to Japan and the exchange rate is pretty awful here for the U.S. dollar.


And for lunch, I had a jerk chicken wrap from the Camden market. I had this last year and it was so delicious. I couldn’t wait to get it again. It’s spicy, marinated jerk chicken in a whole-wheat wrap with lettuce, cucumber, carrot, and tomato lightly drizzled with tropical mayonnaise and sweet chili sauce.


Since I love to indulge in sweet treats and market food while I’m here….

my goal is to run when I can in the mornings and eat one salad a day.


We also went to a matinée play at the Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond, which is southwest of the city. Richmond was adorable, but the weather turned nasty after the play and most of us headed back to London.

So I just took a picture of the theatre, which is the center building.


Next: pictures from THE BOROUGH MARKET. Yes, I went the other day and it was magical.

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2 Responses to London: Day 4 – Meals and Richmond.

  1. Megan says:

    Any chance you’ll be visiting Oxford? I spent three months there in college and not only is it beautiful, but there is an AMAZING cookie place in the Oxford covered market – Ben’s cookies. Maybe the best cookies I’ve had, ever!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I hope to go to London and Scotland next year and I love to visit little places that other people recommend. Ben’s cookies? I should start a list!

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