London: Day 1 – Flying, Camden Town, and Chocolate Cake.

First off. I totally overpacked. Like, bad. My bag to London was 11 pounds over. Jen had to drive back to the airport and take armloads of stuff because I was not about to pay $90. I was flustered and hot (it’s been HOT in the U.S.) – and now I truly have my stuff all over the place – but I made my luggage weight and had a relaxing international flight. I watched Romancing The Stone and Games of Thrones on the plane. (Um, amazing.)

london - day one
london - day one

Views from the sky. So pretty!

london - day one

Then we landed and the rest of the day was lines and confusion.

We had a long line getting into the UK. Then our coach pick-up was over an hour late. Some students had arrived hours earlier, so they were fading before my eyes.

We made it to our flats. I have my own room in a large flat with four other students, and we have a beautiful balcony.

london - day one
london - day one

There is still one student who we have not heard from. I have no phone at this point, which is a pain. We decide to wait a bit and get Tube passes (London’s underground system).

Prof. B and I go to THREE banks, none of which will cash Traveler’s checks. We finally get cash from the Post Office, then individually divide the money so that the students can apply and pay for their own pass.

I’m fading. Still no word from the last student.

Then I get a call from my flat from the company that helps organize our course in-country. The student has been lost at the airport ALL DAY. Oh my gosh. He finally makes it to our flats, exhausted.

I have about an hour of free time. I buy toiletries (because I chucked mine at the airport to save on weight), crisps (potato chips), and a Galaxy chocolate bar.

london - day one

And strawberries from a street vendor.

london - day one

Oh, and I snapped some quick photos of our neighborhood in the ten minutes I had to walk down the street. I can’t believe we’re living smack in the middle of Camden Town. It’s such a vibrant part of the city! Side note: It’s cold here.)

london - day one
london - day one
london - day one
london - day one
london - day one
london - day one
london - day one
london - day one
london - day one
london - day one
london - day one
london - day one

I can barely hold my eyes open at dinner, but day one ends with chocolate cake.

london - day one


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12 Responses to London: Day 1 – Flying, Camden Town, and Chocolate Cake.

  1. itsarooslife says:

    Enjoy London its a great city – I live by the TimeOut website for where to go nd wjat to do – always a good guide, but I’m sure you have lots to pack into your trip! P.S. Sorry about the weather!!

  2. sweetcraving says:

    Your in London! I am thankfully going on holiday tomorrow! No more cold weather for me haha. Hope you have fun on your trip

  3. CamiChristie says:

    wow!! what an interesting trip so far!! are you teaching in london? my girlfriend and i are in korea teaching and looking for our next destination, london would be amazing!

  4. Welcome to London! Apologies for the weather and the queues but hope you enjoy your stay despite both of these London constants… just shout if you need any insider info!

  5. kristiwiley says:

    Congrats to being in London! I miss it there. And Camden is my unicorn place right now. I swear everytime I go (ok, been twice), I never get a chance to go there. I want to shop the vintage stuff. Next time for sure and enjoy your trip.

    NO Cadbury? For shame.

  6. realfunfood says:

    That’s awesome that you’re living in Camden! I laughed out loud about your room – totally Brit! They love to make rooms the size of closets and call them bedrooms (and not put actual closets in the house either)!
    How long are you going to be in London again?

  7. Glad you made it – loving your photos – Enjoy:) Happy Tuesday!

  8. Rock Salt says:

    The days will get better! Yes, it is cold. And rainy. And we complain about it ALL THE TIME. But there’s good stuff too :)

  9. Leah says:

    Camden Town seems like an explosion of colors–great photos!

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