I hit the proverbial packing wall.


I hit THE WALL Thursday night. For the life of me, I could not go on. I was beyond tired. Cranky. My head hurt. I just wanted to curl up and fall asleep.

Around 7 p.m. I told mom, sadly, I need one more day. It was a bittersweet decision because I would have liked one extra day with my family in Ohio.

I slept in and woke up feeling SO refreshed today, though. We got a lot done! I’m writing in an almost empty apartment.

last packing day

Our bags are packed. (I’ll go through things one more time before leaving for the year.) Merlin has his cat car carrier and sleepy collar all ready.

cat carrier

I baked. All that extra butter, sugar, and flour couldn’t go to waste. The White Chocolate NY Times recipe, but with all whole-wheat flour!

last packing day

We went out for dinner and a movie. Margaritas, fish tacos, and First Position at the Roxy.


It was my second time seeing this dance documentary. If it’s playing in your area, GO! It’s amazing.

Here’s a clip:

And some pics from the past two days:

me + merlin

last packing day

last packing day

My coworkers gave me an AWESOME box filled with quotes, origami cranes, cards, pastels, books, and a rootstone from a local potter, Erik Rehman.

last packing day

My rootstone! My boss had a collection on his desk, and I don’t think Erik makes them anymore, so he gave me one of his. So sweet.

last packing day

last packing day

last packing day

Okay, off to bed for an early start to a long 800-mile drive!

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6 Responses to I hit the proverbial packing wall.

  1. Sarah, moving is hard. When I left for Bulgaria I was living in a group house and only had to deal with one room. I was so stressed out over moving and dealing with my stuff. When I finally handed over my keys to my roommate and one of my best friends and I realized that I was not longer going to be living there I cried and cried even though I was really excited for my upcoming adventure. Everything is going to be scary, great and super emotional for the next few months but it will be wonderful!!

  2. Linda says:

    Oh, Sarah! Leaving is always the hardest part – and all of the saying goodbyes. Now it will begin to get better and better. I wish you all the best as you embark on these new adventures. You are taking the path less travelled and it will (I am sure) make all the difference! Take care and enjoy every moment!

  3. omeletta says:

    Packing is the living worst! I always feel like I could do an extra day of it as well, it’s so overwhelming. Glad
    you’ll be hitting the road feeling more accomplished, safe trip!

  4. Sarah! I’m so glad you took the extra time you needed and were able to just breathe and have one last day in VT. I’m so proud of you too for setting off on an amazing adventure! The gifts from your coworkers are so wonderful. I hope you enjoy your road trip and time with family in Ohio. I just returned from Pakistan so I’m back “home” in Colombo.

  5. Sooo…I just got caught up on all your posts, and I just can’t even reiterate how much we are soulmates.

    (1) Once. I am going to see it when I am in NYC in August. No words for the excitement.


    (3) You mentioned Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird. I love you for this.

    (4) You went to Joseph Leonard. My old boss’ stepson is the general manager there. It is owned by a guy from Wisconsin.

    (5) Your striped dress. Where did you get it?

    (6) I will come visit you in Japan.

    (7) LONDON! I can’t even explain my jealousy.

    (8) Your Pimm’s Cup was brilliant. I have it on my agenda to make this week.

    (9) I love your blog so much. Please do not stop.

    • Sarah says:

      Holly, you know how a bullet list comment warms my heart. Ha! It’s so awesome.

      Striped dress was from a little store in Burlington called Sweet Lady Jane. I’m a sucker for stripes!

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