Weekend: 3 Things.

new york city from empire state building

1.) My long weekend in New York City went way too fast. I headed there with absolutely no agenda – because my head is already spinning – and my friends managed to make sure we did a variety of amazing things: MET + Cloud City, Empire State building, broadway play, food everywhere from Spanish Harlem to The Dutch on Sullivan St, and so much more. Hope to post some recaps this week if I can.

2.) Freshly pressed?! Wow, wow, wow. That’s completely unexpected and delightful. Glad to spread the love on Pimm’s-style cold brew ice tea.


3.) A picture from Sunday night. Another reason why I didn’t want the weekend to go so fast….back to reality. It’s crunch time. TWO WEEKS to pack, move, prep for a year abroad. I start to get overwhelmed but then I realize it won’t help the situation. When I was unpacking from the weekend, I just started to pack for London/Japan. I put things in piles (that will need edited DOWN) so I can get a visual for what I want to bring. So there is some order amidst the chaos.

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5 Responses to Weekend: 3 Things.

  1. ochie says:

    aaah, i was just in new york city about two weeks ago, and i have a picture from the empire state building that looks really similar to yours, and it’s already bringing back memories and the best part is that i was staying at the World Centre Hotel which is right next to the 9/11 memorial and you can see that building in your photo (the really tall one right at the background of the photo) and it is just six kinds of lovely.

    • Sarah says:

      Oh, very cool! I had so much fun in the city. I wish it could have been longer, but I’m not sure my wallet could have handled it.

  2. Enjoy Being Aboard – looks like packing is the tough part! Have a Great Day!

  3. Rock Salt says:

    Congrats on your Freshly Pressed! This post is just as lovely, I really enjoyed all the photos. You will be fine in Japan – it seems very scary now but you’ll get through the packing and soon you can enjoy the wonder of Living Abroad!

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