Monday night: tacos + cake.


Okay, homemade tacos didn’t happen. By the time I worked and worked out, it was too late for the recipe. We got take-out from El Cortijo. Ha! I had the fish and carnitas (pork) tacos.

BUT, Jen brought over a homemade cake. And we made margaritas.


Bachelorette favorite this week: Jef with one F. Ryan, Kalon, and Chris can all go home.

And next week they are in LONDON. Exciting!

Between the Olympics and Diamond Jubilee celebrations, London is all over the news. I can’t wait. Did I tell you all that we’re staying in Camden this year though? Me and 13 college students. Pray for me.

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2 Responses to Monday night: tacos + cake.

  1. lara says:

    Tacos + Bachelorette = perfect way to start the week, haha.

    I actually like Chris. I thought that the other guys were being ridiculous and condescending. I don’t love anyone but I’m liking Arie (although I think he’s a little fake), Jef, Chris, and Sean.

    • Sarah says:

      Right? So fun.

      Yeah, I don’t love any of them. I liked Michael with the ponytail, but they didn’t even SHOW him. So I guess there was no chemistry. Or Emily doesn’t like guys with long hair?

      I am agreeing with you about Arie. And it’s like they moved too fast. I know nothing about them together except that they like to make-out.

      That’s why I like Jef, who is quiet but seems more real and genuine.

      I was trying to make margaritas at the very beginning, so I missed the Chris/Doug altercation. I just saw the end where it seemed he was complaining all the time.

      And they must just keep Ryan and Kalon on there for ratings, right? I mean….

      We shall see how this shapes up next week!

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