Day 2 Recap: Alison’s amazing hallway, PINK cruisers, and the French Quarter.


Friday, 5.4.12

As promised, a picture of Alison’s runway-esque hallway! I was totally fascinated by it. Her entire place is very cool, one of those long, yet narrow houses with high ceilings, wood floors, giant bathroom with spa-like shower, cute courtyard, and overall loads of character. In other words, nothing like my place. I wanted it.


While the others went into work (eh, sorry y’all!), Laney, Shelby, and I headed to Magazine Street to eat breakfast and shop.


Basic breakfast at Cafe Luna. They had perfect breakfast potatoes: thin, crispy, and well-seasoned.

me and laney

Later in the afternoon, Laney and I headed to Cochon for a light lunch and a cocktail. We went to Cochon solely because I read that Joy the Baker was in town as well on Twitter and wanted to go there. Ha! We ordered the boudin balls, which are like spicy, fried sausage/rice balls. Laney called them “heaven” in the video.


Then we headed to the French Quarter, where we saw some people in a tiny cruiser car zipping around the streets. Laney was like, “Let’s do THAT!” So we tracked down the place and scooted around the city in a PINK CRUISER for part of the afternoon. It was HILARIOUS.



Weeeeeeee! I felt like I was like riding around in a Barbie car.



Which one of us lives in Vermont, eh? Crap! I look like Casper the Friendly Ghost in Birkenstocks.


We visited Alison at work and she snapped a picture of the two of us.


Some drunk guy on Bourbon Street sat on our hood and his friend tried to hop a ride on the back. That was funny.


Also, I know I was raving about Alison’s hallway – but her mom and dad’s place is just out of this world! They invited us for a drink on the “gallery” that evening, which is a second-story wrap-around porch in the heart of the French Quarter. I joked that I could just sleep out here.


Shelby showing me her juice.


Miss Claudine made me a very  tall, very strong Cyrstal Light and vodka. TGIF Bliss! Maybe I will sleep out here.


Here’s their pup Chloe. (I want Chloe’s life.)

The rest of the house is just as magical. It is right off Bourbon Street and used to be a gay bar. It’s also supposedly haunted by a vampire. DO YOU LOVE IT?

royal street house

Um, then I made Judson stand next to doors and rooms in the house so you could see the height of everything. Judson is just shy of 6 feet. CRAZY.


It’s just stunning inside and outside. Gah! I was starry-eyed from being there.


For dinner, we went down the street to Sylvain’s and sat at this rustic little table outside, near the kitchen.


laney and judson



Laney, Alison, and I all started off with a shaved Brussels sprouts salad with apples, hazelnuts, and parmesan. It was tangy and light. I need to try to recreate it at home, seeing as Brussels sprouts are a favorite vegetable of mine and I’ve never fixed them as a raw salad.


After dinner – buttermilk fried chicken for me! – we walked back and saw a guy playing water glasses in Jackson Square. I love the randomness of New Orleans.




I also enjoyed all the horse-drawn carriages. It made me feel like I went back in time, especially when I could hear the horses coming down the street from a distance.


And to cap it off, the moon was spectacular. What a fabulous Friday!

Up next: Back to Jazzfest!

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10 Responses to Day 2 Recap: Alison’s amazing hallway, PINK cruisers, and the French Quarter.

  1. Lauren says:

    That house looks unreal!!
    I am loving your New Orleans posts! A few of my Texas friends always go to Jazzfest and your posts make me think maybe I should try to go some year.

    • Sarah says:

      I know, right?! The house is unbelievable. I’ve never been in a house like it before.

      Also, Jazzfest….do come sometime. IT’S SO FUN!

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  4. woodandrope says:

    Fab photos! :-)

  5. umanbn says:

    nice photos…lovvvve the cruisers….oh to be a kid again!!

  6. Kinza Ahmed says:

    What a nice post! I love the house, couldnt agree more with you on that! And the pup is adorable. I want me-self a Barbie car to drive around the village!

  7. i love the ” barbie car”

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