Day 1 Recap: Off to NOLA, Florence + Machine, & Jacques-Imo’s


Okay, and now it’s my job to force you to look at vacation pictures. I was going to try to be all twee and artsy and do posts on overall themes –  Jazzfest, FOOD, the city, the sky, etc. – instead of the showing you a variety of totally random daily pics, but I’ve discovered that I like reading about recaps that go day by day. Is this the planner in me coming out or what? Also, I’m not that twee or artsy….

I actually left on Wednesday (and flew into Baton Rouge since it was cheaper than flying into New Orleans and that’s where Laney lives), but since it’s impossible to get anywhere from Burlington, it took all day. Here’s the gist:

I met some hilarious artists from New York City who were on their way to see a crystal bridges museum in Arkansas on one leg AND I saw Cynthia from Real Housewives of Atlanta on another. (She’s gorgeous, as I expected any off-duty model to look.)

I burned through most of Insurgent. Please tell me others have read it? The ending. THE ENDING?! And we have to wait like a year for the next installment. Grrrr.

I tweeted more since I can only talk to anyone on speaker after spilling cream of coconut all over my phone. I rarely tweet since a.) It truly feels like I’m tossing confetti into the universe whenever I tweet and b.) I feel I need to be funnier than I really am. Alas, I discovered that it was sort of fun and that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mindy Kaling, Sarah Dessen, and Rainn Wilson on Twitter.

Thursday, 5.3.12

Alrighty, let’s get on this recap! On Thursday morning, Laney and her husband Judson had to work.  I woke up early and played with their two-year old daughter Shelby.


She “made” me yogurt in her kitchen. Then I took their dog Bella for a walk around the neighborhood. I love that the streets in their neighborhood all have names like Mimosa, Hyacinth, and Orchid.


After a leisurely morning, I used Laney’s spa-like bath products, which made me insanely excited…


….then sat out on the deck to read and let my hair dry. The humidity brought out all of my natural curl that I thought I lost in Vermont. (It’s not ME, it’s VERMONT!)


Laney and I drove to New Orleans early afternoon, and Judson and Shelby would meet up with us later.



We headed to Jazzfest to see see Florence + The Machine kick off the second weekend.


Wow, wow, wow! Florence came out wearing a flowy black cape with gold brocade, long black nails, and braids. With wind machines. People, she looked like some sort of woodland night fairy.



Her voice sounded so powerful – thousands of times better than on the radio – but when she spoke to the crowd it was with this soft, English accent. Adorable. And she’s funny. At one point telling us about how her last U.S. tour almost didn’t get off the ground because of some debauchery in New Orleans. She said she left part of her soul here and didn’t want it back. Ha!

Foodwise, I had to sample some crawfish bread, which is like a gooey, seasoned grilled cheese sandwich.




I liked seeing all of the different foods, most of them crawfish-based.


Also, stellar people watching. Maybe the best I’ve seen?


And it was warm – HOT – so they had mister tents.


Before we left, the moon was out. Gorgeous.


After the show, Laney and I met up with her friends Betsy and Alison for watermelon mojitos and dinner at Jacques-Imo’s on Oak Street.




Funky atmosphere with really famous southern cuisine.



I had alligator cheesecake for an appetizer with cornbread muffins, blackened redfish, collard greens for dinner.


And we all had more wine. FABULOUS meal!


After dinner we were all tired, and headed to Alison’s place to sleep. It’s the CUTEST place. Will show you her amazing hallway tomorrow!

Next up: Day 2 – Alison’s amazing hallway, PINK cruisers, cocktails at Cochon, and dinner in the French Quarter!

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