Weekend: Breakfast, Raku, Japanese Tea, + Alabama Shakes Concert!


Saturday, 4.14.12

I felt inspired to take a picture of my breakfast. This is a loaf of  homemade bread that my dad mailed me! I browsed some of the Naked Pint, but that’s about all the reading I got to this weekend.

I was supposed to run a half-marathon this morning, but because of my pulled muscle, I had to bail. Instead, I went to a raku at the pottery studio, which ended up being a lot of fun. The weather was amazing!


I glazed two of my pinch pots in white crackle.


Later that afternoon, some students in the Japanese program had an event: green tea, calligraphy, origami, and games. It was really cute! They tried to explain Kanji and more of the language to me. It…..sounds hard. I learned how to write my name (which could be interpreted as “Pure Silk” or “Pure Orchid,” both of which sounded like porn star names to me) and foreigner.

japanese event

And drank some green tea.


I went over to Jen’s for dinner and to get ready for the concert. We grilled turkey burgers on the charcoal grill and topped them with Gruyère cheese and caramelized onions. Served alongside roasted potato slices and broccoli, well, it was one of the best meals I’ve had this year even though it doesn’t look that exciting.


We headed out to Higher Ground around 8-ish. Jen, who looked slightly edgier in her military-inspired jacket and scarf, was a HIT. At one point, she’s getting twirled around the crowd. Some guy tried to grab my arm to twirl as well, but I really just wanted to listen to the music. (TRUE, the Alabama Shakes were SO GOOD! I wanted the concert to be longer.)  Jen told me that I could be more open. She said I could just be flirty. I said that doesn’t sound like me. She rolled her eyes.

After the concert, we went to the O.P. I’m, like, NEVER out that late, but I was shocked that EVERYONE ELSE IS. Downtown was so jammed packed with people. The entire time, I’m saying, “Sooooo this is where everyone is on the weekend? Out, on Church Street, at 1 a.m.”  We hung out for a while with some other friends, then got a slice of pizza from Mr. Mike’s before heading home.

4.14 @ night

Sunday, 4.15.12

I just stayed at Jen’s house, and we were going to make Gaufres de Liege in the morning, but opted for a healthier breakfast. Greek yogurt and berries, along with scrambled eggs.

Yet, we also took to dipping our strawberries in chocolate. That’s real for you.


Pretty chill rest of the day. I went for a walk (the weather was too nice to stay inside), and had a work meeting. Went grocery shopping and played around on Pinterest.

Jen says that sometimes I tend to look “bulky” (lots of layers and hair), while my sister Allison says that I look like a nerd. Hmmmm. Neither of these are all that flattering; thus, I started a pinterest board for outfit inspiration.  Meaning, I just started pinning outfits I like, which could still be construed as “bulky” and “nerdy.” Habits are hard to break, right?

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8 Responses to Weekend: Breakfast, Raku, Japanese Tea, + Alabama Shakes Concert!

  1. Linda says:

    Here’s what I recommend you try: if i was keri russell in a stripe dress + button down; if i wore belts with skirts and tucked in shirts; if I dressed up… Maybe some heels with jeans. Good luck. Old habits are very hard to break. Try for the less bulky now that it is summery and don’t worry about the nerd look.

    • Sarah says:

      I think that worrying less is a good thing. I over-think SO much, mostly about stuff that doesn’t ultimately matter.

      P.S. I also like the nerd look. Take that little sister!

  2. I like the cool touristy outfit. I also like the striped dress that Keri Russell is wearing. I also like the broadcloth shirt outfits. I find that even when I don’t feel like putting myself together, I always feel better when I do. I also favor bulkier clothing, but I feel better when I don’t give into that tendency.

    Ultimately, your style is your style, though, and I LOVE your outfits.

  3. Karen says:

    Here’s a little unsolicited advice from a stranger:) You can still hear the music while being twirled around – right?! Have one more drink and let loose – dance, smile, and wear all the stripes and plaid you want. Bottom line is to be yourself and as someone who has never met you but still reads your blog regularly – I think you’re pretty awesome! Mr. Right is out there but you might have to find Mr. Right-Now! He might not be who/what you think you’d like but get out there – you’re much more attractive to potential suitors when you are potentially unavailable:)

    • Sarah says:

      Karen, this is great advice! In fact, my sister tweeted me that she likes your comment. I giggled at the line, “dance, smile, and wear all the stripes and plaid you want.” So, thank you very much.

  4. Meghan says:

    Fabulous pics – the food looks delish. And as far as fashion goes, I think I’ve spent most of my life trying to decide what to wear, finally leaving the house in it, and finding five other girls who were wearing something I thought was better. Whether they actually are or not is besides the point — I totally agree with the other comments here; be yourself, dress in the clothing you enjoy, and have another drink (I sort of inferred that last part).
    Also I LOVE Pinterest. I get so much cooking and fashion inspiration there. And sometimes desperation – as in, “I wish I could actually afford this gorgeous bed and dresser set…”
    Keep up the good writing!

  5. Leah says:

    I was wondering why you had gaijin written all over that paper… I saw the picture before I finished the sentence. Gah!

    If it makes you feel better, the kanji name I picked for myself (after 7 years of study) also is like a stage name (maybe like Takarazuka, the women’s theatre!): Asian pear – plum – exists.

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