Happy Birthday Mom!


Happy Birthday Mom!

I wish that I was there to say it in person, give you a big hug, and bake you a cake. I DO have a sweet treat “almost” in the mail. (Key word: almost. I’m shipping it out later today.) I usually don’t like to reveal presents – where’s the surprise in that?! – but, uh, since my gift hasn’t been mailed quite yet, I thought I’d share its contents ON your actual birthday.

You said you didn’t want any more rose bushes for your garden like I got you last year (which came as a surprise and in a pile of skinny roots….hahaha!), and to not get you anything. Um, that didn’t sound too fun. BIRTHDAYS SHOULD BE FUN!

In addition to my usual animal-themed card, you’re getting:

  • college t-shirt (Soft, gray, and v-neck. Classic.)
  • nail polish (If not for your hands, for your toes……painted toes are hip and ageless in my book. Always!)
  • friendship bracelet (I have the same one, so we’ll match….from Belize!)
  • carrot cake truffles (BOMB. Better than a layer cake. You’ll love them. Trust me.)
  • happy birthday CD (Filled with 28 songs, a few of which you might like to put on your iPod for running. A mix of Alabama Shakes, The Black Keys, INXS, Cat Stevens, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Florence + The Machine, STS, Beatles, Cate Le Bon, and….Selena Gomez. I didn’t get Michael Jackson’s P.Y.T on there…..next year!)

happy birthday mom!

It isn’t much, but I hope you have fun with them. Pop in the playlist, slip into the soft t-shirt, paint your nails all pretty, then eat a few truffles. Maybe dance around the house for a while. Doesn’t that sound fun? All in all, I hope they make you smile and feel like the vibrant, pretty-young-thing you always are to me.

Hope you have a joyous day. Can’t wait to see you this May!



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5 Responses to Happy Birthday Mom!

  1. Linda says:

    You are a GREAT daughter!

  2. lauren says:

    Happy birthday to your mom!

  3. Aww this was a really sweet post. Happy Birthday to your Mom! Now I want to put together a little goodie box for my Mom’s birthday in June. <3

  4. Terry Reid says:

    Sarah!! I Love you!! That is the nicest birthday present to see how thoughtful and loving you are. I will LOVE all my gifts so much cause they were sent from YOU with LOVE!!! (and I love all the cool items…very goooood!) Can’t wait to see you in MAY!! Woo-Hoo!

  5. lara says:

    Awww, your present reminds me of my freshman year care packages. Happy birthday to your mom!!! She is lucky to have you :)

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