Ojai Pixies.


This weekend Jen was doing some psychology research and reading a book on determining your strengths. Or rather, finding out what type of person you naturally are in order to determine your strenths.

She’s an Empathizer, which naturally fits well with her clinical psychology career. I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of options for what you “could” be in the book – at one point saying, “My head hurts. There’s so many!” –  until she reached The Maximizer. While I don’t fit it to a “T”…..I’m pretty close. It takes me a while to make decisions – unless I go on impluse, WHICH IS SO HARD FOR ME  – because I like to gather as many options as possible, sometimes (a lot of times) becoming overwhelmed by all of them.

This might be while I’m such a sucker for “Staff Picks” and “Top Picks” lists.

ojai pixies

They do it for me!

It doesn’t even matter what it is: book, music, cities to visit, coffee makers, mixing bowls….on it goes.

So it should come as no surprise that I fell for Ojai Pixies at City Market today because they were labeled as a “Staff Favorite.”

ojai pixies

I also went to the grocery store hungry (code word: dangerous) because I went to see John Kilik, a producer of The Hunger Games, talk at UVM tonight. People had so many questions that it lasted almost two hours! I didn’t realize that he also produced Malcolm X, Pleasantville, The Diving Bell & The Butterfly (that movie…..wow, I still think about it.), and Babel.

A woman complained about the PG-13 rating for the “tween” crowd. She thought it could of/should have been R-rated. John said something to this effect, “I completely disagree. The book has sold over 20 million copies. You sound like a studio executive trying to pin a movie on a target audience, when this is for all ages.” You had to be there……I laughed.

ojai pixies

Moving on, back to the Ojai pixies. I’m so glad I bought them. These tiny tangerines are BOMB. Seedless, sweet, and super flavorful. They should help with sugar cravings this week.

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3 Responses to Ojai Pixies.

  1. I can’t wait to see the Hunger Games, hoping to go this week. I would have loved to hear the producer speak and listen to all of the questions he was asked. Parents who complain about ratings irritate me. If as a parent they are worried about whether the rating fits or not, then why not allow the movie to be played for a week or so and then ask other people who have seen it what they think? And honestly, if you’ve read the books, you already know it’s going to be violent…sheesh! I bet the whole crowd rolled their eyes at her.

    My son went to a king of “out of the box” middle school. They did personality tests and it was so interesting! Not as complicated as what you were talking about though, but still very interesting. They gave the kids tips on how to communicate with each other and I think it really helped them to understand each person if even just a little bit. Kind of a difficult task for middle school!

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with picking “Staff Favorites” either… ;)

    • Sarah says:

      I think the mostly college crowd did do a giant eye-roll. The Hunger Games does touch on sensitive topics, but I think either a.) don’t let your child see it, or b.) let them see it and have a discussion with your child. I’m not a parent, but most likely, they’re going to hear about something like The Hunger Games at school or elsewhere…… And if you deny it, they’ll just be more intrigued. And if you avoid talking about it, they might completely miss the purpose or connections of things.

      On it goes! Parenting sounds hard!

      Excited to hear your thoughts once you see the film.

      P.S. The school your son went to sounds awesome! Wish I did that stuff in middle school. I think it would have helped me down the line.

  2. Rock Salt says:

    These looks great, I love trying new varieties of foods. I also drag out my decisions in most areas, but not with food interestingly – in that arena, anything goes!

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