Weekend: Inside + Outside

3.12.12 weekend

Happy weekend! Wow, that went fast. All of a sudden it’s lunchtime on Monday….


Christy and I did a 14-miler on Saturday morning – my longest run in about a year. My post-run chocolate-PB-banana smoothie never tasted so good.

Picked up my spring CSA share. We got cider, sprouts, potatoes, onions, carrots, eggs, apples, yogurt, and (more) cabbage.

And my latest breakfast obsession: two fried eggs + cheese, strawberries, and cinnamon raisin toast. I’ve been eating this all week.

@ Home

This is how Merlin was sleeping the other day. It was weird and cute at the same time.

It’s spring! Sunday was warm and sunny. I felt like wearing short-sleeves and turquoise bracelets.

Doing pretty good on the “less sugar” front. Green tea is helping me, especially at night. Thank you for all your suggestions! I bought Trident gum and dark chocolate this weekend.

@ Studio

I made six things! And took some pictures in the firing room.  It’s a cool space. All those handmade items in one tiny nook.

X-C Skiing

Sun + snow! Annie, Danielle, and I went x-c skiing at Bolton on Sunday. People were out in their t-shirts, which was a fun sight to see.

About Sarah

Always thinking about my next meal.
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2 Responses to Weekend: Inside + Outside

  1. aame says:

    Wow i love all those pottery works !!! And the blue bracelets too :)

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