This is how I roll.

spring rolls

This is my first time making egg rolls. I thought that they would make for tasty snacks and……use up my surplus of cabbage and carrots.

You could say my knowledge of most Asian foods is pretty limited. Growing up in a sleepy city in southwest Ohio, we didn’t cook Asian food often, instead sticking primarily to meat, potatoes, casseroles, and whatever mom let me bake that week. When we did, my parents would make fried rice with those Sun Bird seasoning packets from the grocery store. Do you know those? The powdering packets that you tear open and mix with water and soy sauce.

Ahhhh, memories.

This is what I do the majority of the time when I’m making something for the first time and/or I’m on limited time and/or I’m super hungry.

1. Search for a quick recipe. In this case, I decide to go with the egg roll recipe on the back of the package of the Nasoya wrappers. (When I bake, which I’m more comfortable doing, I actually enjoy researching recipes. I can look at them and have a better understanding of how things will turn out.)

spring rolls

So far, it’s quick and easy. I cook ground pork with ginger, cabbage, carrot, and green onions.


2. Start to deviate from the recipe. I love ginger, so I add more than it calls for. I also don’t have bean sprouts, so I add more cabbage and carrots.

3. Really start to deviate from the recipe. I realize that I am out of oyster sauce, which is all the Nasoya recipe calls for in terms of seasoning. Darn it!

spring rolls

4. Fall into the black hole that is online recipe browsing. This one wasn’t too bad. I quickly find another recipe that has a different filling without oyster sauce. I go with Steamy Kitchen’s Mother’s Famous Chinese Egg Roll seasoning, which calls for rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, salt, black pepper, and sesame oil. Perfect!

spring rolls

5. Find something else to research. How do I properly fold egg rolls? Find pictures on the Nasoya wrapper.

spring rolls

Fold the side closest to you up first.

spring rolls

Then the sides in, and roll toward the corner farthest from you, wetting the edges with water so that it will stick.

spring rolls

6. Freeze 3/4 of them. I freeze most things because I can’t eat the same thing all week.

To cook, I rub them with a little oil, and bake at 350 F. for about 10 minutes or until warm in the center and crispy on the outside.

spring rolls

7. Start to get lazy. Dipping sauce! By this time, I don’t feel like making anything else, so I found some leftover dipping sauce from spring rolls I bought before in the freezer (everything is in my freezer!).

Semi-homemade. That’s real.

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7 Responses to This is how I roll.

  1. Jill says:

    LOVE the polish! Matches the plum sauce. Did u put sparkles over an orange color-do tell! :)
    The rolls look good too. It has been a long time since I have made those…..

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks Jill! It does match the sauce!

      The colors are Essie Tangerine + this glitter polish my sister got me for X-mas (Nicole’s Rainbow in the S-Kylie).

  2. Kaitlyn says:

    Goodness, this looks SO good! Thanks for sharing since I’d have no idea where to start either seeing I’m originally from Western PA :)

    • Sarah says:

      Up in Vermont, I don’t eat too much of it either! I still think of Midwestern dishes when I’m craving comfort food.

  3. So glad I came across this! I just got a co-op basket full of Asian veggies and need something to do with them! Great post!

  4. Clementina Canan says:

    Most asian foods are tasty specially those fermented foods. ..

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