Week Six: Taking it easy.

week six
Vermont City Marathon Training – Week 6

The past few weeks, I’ve been saying that I’m tired, so I decided to listen to my body and take a few rest days this week/cut back my weekend long run. Then Thursday rolls around, and I haven’t run all week. Oops, I didn’t mean to cut out my actual training runs!

Sometimes it’s hard for me to fit in my workouts. I have friends who work full-time with small children, so I’m not that busy. But I do have pretty full days Monday-Thursday, leaving the only time to workout at either 6 a.m. or around 7:30 p.m., both of which can be hard energy and/or motivation wise. I think mornings would be best….I just need to start going to bed earlier.

Okay, moving on, here’s the weekly recap.

Monday, February 6: Rest.

Tuesday, February 7: Swimming class – backstroke continues.

I’m bad at remembering our exact workouts. (Or maybe that’s the beauty of taking a class…..) We do a lot of kicking and one arm pulling drills. Our instructor is also what she calls “obsessed” with CrossFit, so we’ve been learning/incorporating CrossFit push-ups and squats into our workouts. We’ll do challenges, where we swim a 50, then get out and do 10 push-ups the 10 squats, repeating as many cycles as possible in a certain time, usually ten minutes.

Wednesday, February 8: BodyPump class.

Thursday, February 9: Swimming class. More backstroke. More CrossFit squats. More CrossFit push-ups. Three mile run on the indoor track.

*My lane partner rocks. She a.) loves Downton Abbey and b.) works as an assistant to a pastry chef in the summers. So we discuss plot twists and cupcake recipes during our rests, or pepper our swim instructor with questions on how she lives without any sugar/grains/cheese on her Paleo diet. That is one hard-core diet.

Friday, February 10: Rest.

Saturday, February 11: Six mile intervals: 1 mile @ 9:13, 1 mile @ 7:47, repeated three times.

Sunday, February 12: 50 minutes on the indoor track.

Super easy pace….a walk/jog. I listened to another The Splendid Table podcast.

Weekly Mileage: ~15 miles.

Random Video of the Week:

Sad news about Whitney Houston. She was my first concert ever. It was around the same time as “I Will Always Love You” was popular. I was in middle school, and sat in M&M’s at the concert while wearing white shorts. Ahhhh, memories!

Her voice was such a gift though. I haven’t listened to her much the past few years, but I found this gem online over the weekend.

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