A sweet week at work.


One of our work-study students found the King Cake baby. She is supposed to provide the cake next year.

awesome cake

But she just thought she had to get us a cake. So, on Friday, she brought in this! She’s awesome. Actually, Laney’s awesome because she sent the King Cake.


A student presented on her study abroad experience in Jordan – wow, what an interesting and different place to study abroad – and brought us traditional cookies. They were like a spiced shortbread cookie with a cinnamon roasted almond on top. I’ve spent too much time trying to find a recipe for them online. I’m just going to have to write to her for a recipe request!


Earlier this week – when we had snow for a day – I ran an errand across campus and put on my Canada mittens from Chelsea. So sweet. I love them!


A co-worker’s friend is a florist. She had some roses that weren’t good enough for bouquets, so we got them. It really brightened up the office, and they had a subtle, sweet fragrance.


Essentially, cake and roses make the work place a better place.

Happy Friday!

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2 Responses to A sweet week at work.

  1. Jill says:

    YAY for Canada mittens-we have 3 pair in this house!!

  2. Bowrag says:

    Great picture of the king cake baby! I love allowing my girls to try and find the baby in our king cakes each year. Reading this blog has motivated me to get a king cake! Going to the store later today.

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