CSA Thursday

red hen bread

bella farm pesto

sunflower oil




onions + shallots


I haven’t been good at sharing what I’ve been getting in my CSA. I split it with a friend, and every Thursday we pick up a load. So fun! It’s a hybrid CSA, so it varies each week. Sometimes we get eggs, cheese, pesto, cider, beans, and/or yogurt. This is the first week we’ve ever gotten sunflower oil. We always get root veggies. ‘Tis the winter.

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Always thinking about my next meal.
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6 Responses to CSA Thursday

  1. Tammy says:

    Sunflower oil is pretty cool addition! Have you visited the farm where they make it?

  2. rebecca says:

    The bread looks delicious!

  3. bowtiqx says:

    I’m ready to get in the garden soon and clear out the weeds-n- such. The pictures are beautiful!

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks! The CSA share has been great this winter, but like you, I’m ready for warmer temps! It might be a while for Vermont.

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