Holiday Hearts

heart bokeh

church street

red black hearts

wreath on church street

cream hearts

happy friday

My new obsession: walking around Burlington playing with heart bokeh (or blur) with holiday lights. I learned how to do it here. They suggested using black paper, but all I had was red. I sort of like the look. If there was more ambient light, it gave the photo a red glow.

Happy Friday! My work-day felt loooong. My two-mile run felt loooong. I’m getting ready to go watch a movie with a friend.  Finally. Any fun plans? I need to clean and pack and run errands and do a bunch of boring things. My  most exciting plans are to go see The Nutcracker this Saturday. Toe shoes + TchaikovskyYay!

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Always thinking about my next meal.
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4 Responses to Holiday Hearts

  1. I these bokehs! How very charming. I may just have to study up and try it myself. Thanks for the link! And have a great time at ‘Nutcracker’–how one could do otherwise is up for debate, but I wish you fun there all the same!

  2. Awww, I love these. I’ve never seen it done before. <3

  3. oooh, so cute! I love it!

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