Day 10: My last morning in Paris


A friend of a friend went to London this weekend. He borrowed my maps. I sent him an e-mail of things to check out, prefaced with”It’s long. Don’t think I’m nuts.”  I told him multiple times that I was jealous he gets to see London all lit up for the holidays. Can you imagine? I would feel like I was in Love Actually or something.

I started to get wistful of the summer and looked back through my photos. I forgot to post my last morning in Paris – ahhh, Paris! – which was ironically four months ago to the day.

August 14, 2011

I spent it exploring the Rue de Levis, which is the most adorable pedestrian street in the 17th arrondissement full of small shops and open-air stalls selling meat, bread, pastries, produce, and more. It was literally around the corner from where I was staying and such a treat to wander! I bought a croissant for breakfast and some Poilâne bread to take home.

(I got stuck in New York on the way back to Vermont, so it also served as breakfast – along with peanut M&M’s and coffee.)












I also forgot to mention my luggage drama at the Charles de Gaulle airport on the way home. I was under the false impression that I could check two bags. Why did I think this? So even though I only had a carry-on suitcase and a small green duffel bag (a gorgeous find from Camden Market) to check, I had to shell out like 75 euros. I die. There was no way to carry-on either one because I had a stuffed backpack and another bag. Wahhh!

I even tried to find a luggage store at the airport to just buy a bigger suitcase to check. I searched everywhere. Nothing. I was running out of time. Finally, defeated, I paid the money.


Next time, I’ll know better.

All in all, totally worth it. I had a fantastic summer vacation, so good it sometimes seems surreal.


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7 Responses to Day 10: My last morning in Paris

  1. Stephanie says:

    Your pictures are so beautiful and vibrant! I could look at them all day. :)

  2. All delightful as usual!

    I have to share an enviable London moment: my husband and I were in London just before Christmas the year ‘Love Actually’ was released, and we went to see it and joined in the audience’s gasp when the movie’s scene shot in a shopping mall showed the very tree we had all just walked past in that very mall on our way to the theatre! *That* was FUN.

  3. Emma @ Sweet Mabel says:

    Beautiful pics!

  4. Kaitlyn says:

    love your pictures! I went to Paris this summer too! your photos remind me the beautiful city of Paris so much~ I think today’s my post will be pictures in Paris haha

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