Weekend: Sunday Smoothie

spinach + kale + banana smoothie

The only picture from the weekend: my Sunday morning smoothie.

Also known as the only thing I made in my kitchen for the past two days.

A couple of friends were visiting, so we were going to brunches at Penny Cluse and Skinny Pancake or eating pizza out at American Flatbread or cupcakes from My Little Cupcake.

When we weren’t eating our way through town, I was hunkered down in coffee shops working on my final project. It’s due tomorrow. Praise the universe.

So back to the smoothie. During marathon training, I would drink them after long runs, but lately I’ve been a complete slacker in the running department. I’ve been busy. The weather has been chilly and windy. I’d rather hang out on the couch. Anyone go through these periods?

However, I have found smoothies super refreshing, easy, and healthy for breakfast. I’ve been on a smoothie kick all week. I almost didn’t need my morning coffee a few days because the smoothies were so good.

This one sounds horrible though.

Well, maybe they all do? Earlier this week I was drinking beet smoothies.

beet smoothie

They are similar to the one I am about to explain except using roasted beets instead of spinach/kale.

beet smoothie

Back to the green one at the top, I just tossed in (no measuring in the morning):

  • almond milk
  • handful of kale
  • handful of baby spinach
  • one banana
  • spoonful of ground flax-seed
  • spoonful of peanut butter
  • spoonful of hot cocoa powder
  • spoonful of whey protein powder
  • a few ice cubes

Blend. Drink. Enjoy. Mmmmm! Angela has great pictures of her green monster smoothies.

My friends visiting were like, “Gag me! What did you put in it?!”

I swear it’s good though.

And they also remind me of the summer. I like that feeling in December.

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