I almost forgot…SF Eats!

my first breakfast. t's homemade banana bread, coffee, and some good reads

My first breakfast in San Francisco: coffee, T’s homemade banana bread, and reading material.


My first beer in the city. Belgian-style, like usual.


Day two: piece of pizza after walking around Golden Gate park.


Day two: Fancy dinner at Catch! Crab cakes appetizer.


My dish: salmon with citrus and black-eyed peas.


Shared dessert: the almost-end of a strawberry-rhubarb-apple cobbler.


Day three: Another lovely breakfast. T. made cheesy scrambled eggs and served them with toast and raspberries.


Day three: In Sonoma. I wanted to try this but ended up just taking a picture of it. Sounds interesting!


I sampled A LOT of olive oil and spreads.


Drinking Wine. Chilling at a vineyard. Bliss.


Coffee break in Sonoma at the Sunflower Café.

in-n-out meal

My first In-N-Out meal.

my first in-n-out burger

My burger. Check that out! I posted this on Facebook and someone asked if I got it “animal-style.” (I had no idea what they were talking about, so I had to look it up online.) So there are all these secret ways of ordering, huh?! Fun.

making apple galettes

Day four: Post-race apple galettes.

pinch me. i'm at tartine!

Day five: Mere hours before leaving for the airport, I FINALLY make it to Tartine. I took the BART there immediately after Alcatraz.

tartine pastries

Super crowded even late-afternoon on a Monday. A quick pic of the pastries. I felt a little awkward in there with my backpack and big camera. They were not making their bread that day, which bummed me out. Who knows when I’ll get there again?!

going on a tartine picnic!

Too crowded to eat inside. Off to have a Tartine picnic at Mission Dolores park!


The goods. I got an open-faced croque monsieur with turkey and tomato for lunch. It was on a slice of their country bread. I ordered two morning buns: one for myself and one for T. I also got a croissant for later. (I didn’t need it, but I really wanted to try out their croissants.) Lastly, I picked up a bag of macarons for my coworkers.


Check out that flaky croissant.

my open-faced croque monsieur

A view of the famous Tartine bread. It was chewy with a crisp crust. I loved it layered with turkey, tomato, and Gruyère cheese. And the park was very cool. I had some extra time to relax, sprawl out on the grass, savor the sunshine, and read more of Pride & Prejudice. A nice way to end the trip.

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8 Responses to I almost forgot…SF Eats!

  1. Those all look so yummy! Glad you had fun on your trip. Love your blog! :)

  2. Looks like a wonderful trip. Now I’m hungry. I do wonder what olive oil ice cream tastes like…

  3. Lauren B. says:

    Your pics are making me drool! We are moving to San Francisco from Seattle next month, so this gives me something to look forward to. :)

    • Sarah says:

      Oh, you are going to LOVE it! I enjoyed everything: the size of the city, beaches, parks, places to eat, day-trips…

      Although, I hear Seattle is amazing. That’s top on my list of places to visit. Good luck on the move!

      • Lauren B. says:

        Thank you! And if you do ever make it out to Seattle, be sure to try Spinasse (fresh pasta), Walrus & The Carpenter (oysters), and Honore Bakery. Man I’ll miss that food! :)

      • Sarah says:

        Oh, now I want to hop on a plane to Seattle. Fresh pasta, oysters, and a bakery….mmmmmm.

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