Sunday afternoon Surf Competition

ocean beach

Post half-marathon (which was still very early since the race started at 7 a.m.!) we all went back to Ocean Beach to watch a surf competition. A real surf competition!!

I got better surfing pictures from my Friday jaunt to Ocean beach since I didn’t want to switch out of my wide-angle lens. I was afraid of blowing sand getting inside the camera body.

Here’s a tiny surfer emerging from the water and everyone flocking over to greet him. You can barely make out his surfboard.


It was a bit chilly…..we had to put on our jackets and wrap ourselves in blankets.


Snuggle together.



And keep on our boots. There were little kids in the water, which amazed me. It was cold!


Concerning the half-marathon. T. And B. ran super well, with times in the 1:40’s. I ran it super casually. I was just glad to get a race number and run across the Golden Gate Bridge. I haven’t even checked my time.

Probably because I didn’t train all that intensely for it. A month ago, I (very casually) ran the Leaf Peepers half-marathon, so I was just trying to keep up my endurance by running a few times a week. I think I threw in a  few 8-milers.

I’m not all that competitive, although I would like to get a bit faster.  I battle the “I should train harder” with the “I’m content just getting out to run for fun.”

I’m contemplating signing up for the Vermont City Marathon again this May, but not for certain. I really enjoy half-marathons. Marathon training – even the most casual of plans (like the ones I do!) – are time-consuming and somewhat arduous.

Complicated by the fact that I felt like someone hit my knee with a baseball bat at mile 15 in the marathon this spring, which made the race really not fun. I had to go to physical therapy and ended up not running for most of the summer.

Half-marathons are races that I can run mostly injury-free, and they don’t completely take over my life. Then again,  I like having the loooooong winter to focus on the training since most of my friends ski and I don’t.

So, the jury is out.

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  1. Your photo-essays are good at making me feel like I’m there with you. Nice!

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