Hello San Francisco

flying into san francisco

No joke, I gasped at how pretty the sky was on the descent into San Francisco. Hello beautiful city!

It was a long day of traveling. I had so much time that I got a large chunk of homework done, edited through some summer 2006 photos, and finished Daughter of Smoke & Bone (wow, it’s good).

I took the BART and a bus to my friend T’s. We grabbed a beer, caught up, and headed home for an early night. She’s working this morning, so I’m going to explore Golden Gate park. Then, hopefully, we’re going to hit up Tartine this afternoon. That’s the plan.

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9 Responses to Hello San Francisco

  1. What a great Welcome sign!

  2. Jill says:

    Have fun! I wish I was going to SF this weekend-and it’s only 40 minutes from here! Alas, I have a one year old who needs me. :) Enjoy the City-if you get a chance have a veggie burger at Giotti’s in the ferry building or go to the slanted door that is also in the ferry building-YUM!

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Jill! Oh, it was such a great trip! It’s funny because I thought it was sunny and warm (compared to Vermont), but everyone said it was chilly there. I guess right before I arrived the weather was in the 70s. I didn’t make it to Giotti’s or Slanted Door….or so many other places on my list. Bummer! I did go in the Ferry building though!

  3. Mark says:

    It will be well worth it if you can have lunch or dinner at the Zuni Cafe. Brilliant cooking for curious eaters. Have fun and leave your heart.

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