Summer 2003

Valle Vidal

valle vidal

Valle Vidal

Valle Vidal

Valle Vidal

Mt. Baldy


NM Hiking



taos pizza outback

summer 2003


morning yogurt

colorado camping

the cabin swing

Since I’ve been sans camera, I decided it was a good time to reorganize the boat load of photos I’ve had spread out across two computers and two hard-drives. Yikes! It’s been fun to take a trip down memory lane, and I’d thought I’d share some of them on the blog.

(It’s officially winter here. Mindi says it’s snowing in their part of Vermont today. I’m mourning the fact that summer went too fast this year, so let’s focus on them.)

Summer 2003: The Gist

  • Graduated from college.
  • Went out west for the first time to work at a ranch in northern New Mexico.
  • Went BACKPACKING for the first time!
  • Ate the best pizza ever (Taos Pizza Outback), went to hot springs, summited mountains, swung from trees, played with kittens, hung out in yurts. For real. This was a cool summer.
  • Met a boy. Even better. He took all these photos. Aren’t they great?
  • Moved to Colorado – and reality – at the end of the summer.

*Okay, and now I officially miss the west. The clear skies and sunshine! My hair used to be so much curlier back then. Wow. Also, did you see the old CD player in the third photo?! Oh my.

Skipping: Summer 2004. Whew, this was a rough one. I was working for pennies at a place I like to refer to as e-Hell. It made me cry. My relationship ended. That made me cry too. By the end of the summer, I got a new job back in Ohio and was moving cross country. That was also sad. I can’t find a single photo from that summer.

Next: Summer 2005. Things brighten up. I spend some time in Central America.

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7 Responses to Summer 2003

  1. Wonderful, evocative photos *and* notes. Hope this last summer was one of the GOOD ones, even if it was too short for you! Too bad we couldn’t’ve traded a little, ’cause here in Texas the summer pummeled the daylights out of us and then overstayed its welcome. Go figure! In any case, great post here!

  2. livinglearningeating says:

    You have such beautiful hair! And can I mention that you look very crunchy granola? Except I mean it as a compliment. :)

    Why did you move out of the west?

    • Sarah says:

      Thank you! It used to curlier. I miss it that way!

      When I look at those photos, I’m like why did I leave?! Mainly because I got a better job back in Ohio.

  3. Liz says:

    Wow amazing photos! Looks like so much fun!!

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