Warby Parker Home Try-Ons!


They’re here!!!

tenley frames

My Warby Parker five home try-ons arrived today. I’m so excited!

Not the best photos – I left my tripod in a friend’s car – but here’s some photos of my five trial pairs.

warby parker

1. Miles in Amber

2. Fillmore Revolver in Black

3. Preston in Whiskey Tortoise

4. Sinclair in Burgundy Fade

5. Tenley in Burgundy Fade

I’m leaning toward the Miles in Amber…..but the Fillmore are so different and fun.


I worry that the Miles look too similar to my current frames.


My sister got the Preston frames.

Kim from Eat, Sleep, Wear has the Tenley frames. {I think.}

I’m torn.

Like usual.

Glad I have five days to think about it.

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Always thinking about my next meal.
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2 Responses to Warby Parker Home Try-Ons!

  1. Miss Elleen says:

    love your glasses! i wish we had them here!


  2. ismail says:

    Oh hey I found out about the website through a friend. Its great isn’t it? I did the 5 pair trial too and decided on the Sinclair Burgundy Fade.

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