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Labor Day weekend was my jumpstart back to more structured running.

8 miles on the Burlington bike path.

Saturday was the type of day that started off overcast and gray, yet as soon as I started running got blindingly bright with 110 percent humidity. I felt like a turkey roasting in the oven.

I had to walk for a half a mile at the end, and luckily ended at the beach. Whew! It felt good to jump in the lake.

The past four years I’ve run the Leaf Peepers half-marathon in October. I stopped running this summer, and have only done a few 3-4 milers since coming home.

If I’m traveling, I just do not stick to any exercise plan. I used to try, but now it’s just not my thing.I’d rather be doing other things with my time, and after the brutal May marathon, I think this was good for my body.  I walked a lot, which I enjoy most out of any type of exercise, but it’s not the same as running.

My goal is to finish, be injury free, and have fun!

Here’s my impromptu training plan that I’ll most likely adjust {I never really follow anything to a T, and it would be a miracle if I lifted weights twice a week!}:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sept 4 yoga/rest 3 miles weights 5 miles 3 miles weights 9 miles
Sept 11 yoga/rest 3 miles weights 5 miles 3 miles weights 10 miles
Sept 18 yoga/rest 3 miles weights 5 miles 3 miles weights 11 miles
Sept 26 yoga/rest 3 miles weights 5 miles 3 miles weights 13.1 RACE!


Then for the remainder of the weekend I pretty much read my Jessica Darling series. If my little sister hears me push these books on her one more time, she might stop talking to me. There are five in the series, and the first, Sloppy Firsts, came out ten years ago.

All I can wonder is HOW did I not know about these before?!?!?!

Have you read them?

I discovered them from Lainey {who also likes YA-Lit} a few weeks ago. I actually didn’t like the names of them. At all. I thought they sounded cheesy, both the title and cover. Yes, I just judged a book by its cover!

But these books are rare gems. And I just didn’t understand the brilliance that is Megan MccCafferty.

It’s not often a series comes along that you really just can’t put down, whereby you love the characters so much that you’re almost not wanting the books to end, yet staying up half the night racing your way through them to see what happens. In four days, I’ve burned through three of the books. The fourth and fifth ones are on hold at the library, and I’m on edge waiting for them.

The Hunger Games was like this for me.

Instead of a dystopian future world, these books are following Jessica Darling through high school and college. They are like book versions of John Hughes movies or Felicity – both of which I’m a huge fan.

You come to know about Jessica through her journaling, when she’s fifteen and a high school sophomore at Pineville High School in New Jersey. Brainiac, runner, self-possessed, and highly observant – still struggling through the high school highs and lows like so many of us do – yet documented in an authentic, intelligent, and humorous voice that you only wished you could have possessed.

There’s unrequited crushes.

There’s best-friend break-ups.

There’s fights.

There’s  a Clueless Crowd.

There’s a Marcus Flutie. You know the type….that special person who sometimes knows you better than you do. Who is flawed, yet wise. Who is edgy, yet surprisingly sensitive. The one who gets under your skin and may never crawl back out.

Ohhhhh, you know what I’m talking about.

Who smells woodsy, has dreadlocks, drives an old Cadillac, writes haikus, and wears homemade days of the week shirts. Okay, I don’t know anyone like that, but I’d like to!

Hope I’ve sparked your interest to give them a chance. {Other reviews found here and here. And it’s getting made into a movie!}

That’s all I’m going to say for now.

Slap-happily yours,


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12 Responses to Running & Reading

  1. I’m reading the fourth right now! Almost done, actually! I read the first three about four summers ago and, like you, flew right through them.

    The fourth, I have to be honest, is not my favorite. It’s of course good, just not as captivating as the first three. And I had no idea there was a fifth! I need to attack that ASAP!

  2. This series sounds great, can’t believe I had never heard of it. I immediately checked my library’s website after reading your post, and they have books 2-5, but not the first book which is strange. However, I just found it for $3 used on Amazon so I’ll be able to read it soon :)

    • Sarah says:

      Get 40 pages in and it gets good. At first, I have to admit, I wasn’t sure I would like it…..but the character development is really good. At least in the first three!

  3. Yep, I went straight to Amazon and bought the first book (used for $3 and free shipping – what a deal!) Your recommendations have never steered me wrong! In fact, I learned of the Joy the Baker podcast from your blog and I am obsessed now. Thanks Sarah!

  4. i just ordered the hunger games off of Amazon. I can’t wait to read it after hearing so many rave reviews!

  5. Neha says:

    I read them all over like a 7 day period, because they are just SO GOOD! You’ll love them and quote Marcus all the time, haha. Enjoy!

  6. Katie Lynn says:

    I read those books when they first came out (at least the first two) when I was in high school. I remember them being very good, but just recently discovered that there were more books! I have been meaning to pick them up from the library soon.
    Another personal favorite of mine is Sarah Dessen. ALL OF HER BOOKS!! That doesn’t happen often for me, where I enjoy everything an author has written to thesame extent.
    Another good one if you liked hunger games is Divergent. Very good, action packed dystopian society like h.g., but has it’s own dogma that works quite well. (I love me some ya. I’m a grown a$$ adult, I read what I want! It just happens to be a lot of ya…). If you don’t read it already, forever young adult is a great resource for finding quality ya books.

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Katie Lynn! I just wanted to let you know that I got Divergent at the library late last week. I have not been able to put it down! I went to a friend’s house this weekend, but I just wanted to curl up with the book and be anti-social. It’s so good! I’m glad that it’s going to be a trilogy.

      Also, the author is only 22. That’s crazy!

      And I’ve never read Sarah Dressen, but I’ll check her out soon.

  7. I love your excercise schedule! I definitely need to adopt something like this into my daily routine. The Texas summer here has kind of turned me into wimp when it comes to running. Now that it’s getting cooler, I need to get back into it! Glad I found your blog, can’t wait to discover all I’ve been missing :)

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