My 7 Links.

7 links

The “7 Links” posts have been popping up all over Blogworld. I haven’t had much time for reading blogs this month, but it’s sure been fun to check some of them out. Jessica and Neil from Kohler Created were so sweet to tag me in their 7 Links post. {I really dig their blog. They make good food, bake bread, go camping, race cars, have a cool pets, write witty posts, and the list goes on…}

And if the 7 Links would have covered Funniest Post, I would nominate their Dark Lord of the Snow post. If you live up north, you become stir-crazy from all the snow, ice, and freezing temps by late February. I nearly choked laughing so hard at this post. It’s a web favorite.

Okay, on to my 7 Links.

most beautiful

Number one already feels awkward. Not sure I’m going for ‘beautiful posts’ on my blog….

A lot of people wrote about their sweeties or babies or children, but I’m going for cookies. One of my first posts was a chocolate chip cookie experiment.

My flight to Ohio for the holidays had gotten canceled. I couldn’t fly out until a few days later, so I hung out at home baking cookies every 12 hours to test if refrigerating cookie dough for longer hours improved the flavor of the cookies.

It did!

If that isn’t a beautiful thing, I don’t know what is.

Winner: The Chocolate Chip Cookie Experiment: First 24 Hours, Final 48 Hours

Runners Up: Visiting Great-Great Grandma’s House in Ireland, Good-bye Love, Hello Cheese

most popular

My most popular post might also be a tie for my most surprising. When I actually looked up my most popular post of all-time for this post, it was from when I was home in Ohio and blogged about a day-hike to Old Man’s Cave and Cedar Falls.

I wasn’t going to publish it because one of my goals is to make my blog a little more cohesive. {If you’ve actually read this little blog for a while, it’s had quite a few different areas of focus.} The post got Freshly Pressed, and therefore, quite a bit of traffic. Very surprising for a post that I thought not many would care about! I think the joy from the day came out in the photos.

For a long time, I thought I had to have some defined purpose for the blog {a race, a remix, a recipe, etc}. It made me realize that the only thing I can really do consistently – and have fun – is take pictures. This post allowed me to think of this blog more as a ‘photo’ blog, with no defined purpose except to share my photos on most days.

Winner:  Cedar Falls & Old Man’s Cave

Runners Up: Funfetti Cupcakes, Baked Apple Cider Donut Holes

most controversial.

Eeeeek! I dislike controversy.

I don’t like to make people feel bad, on purpose or inadvertently.

I also don’t like to get into trouble. {I would have been mortified to get a detention at school.}

On St. Patrick’s Day this year, I blogged about the Guinness Tour my mom and I took in Ireland. Again, this was a random post that I blogged about last minute in the morning before work. It was meant to highlight the tour we took in Dublin.

This was also a Freshly Pressed post that got a lot of traffic, and with the good comes some bad. A lot of people liked it, but I also had people writing to tell me that I’m stereotyping the Irish culture by referring to drinking. I also got reprimanded for initially referring to it as St. Patty’s Day instead of St. Patrick’s Day. There’s a difference. I felt bad because I could see all of their points, yet I had meant no disrespect. It was just a post about a Guinness tour. I ended up wishing I hadn’t blogged about it, and it was a lesson in being careful about what you put online.

Winner: Guinness Tour

Runner Up: None. Whew!

most helpful

I somehow fixated on wanting to make the most complicated bread – The Tartine Country Loaf – for my first homemade Artisan bread.

It’s difficult.

You need Chad Robertson’s book on the process. {It’s a gorgeous book, filled with delectable recipes. You won’t be disappointed.}

However, I think blogging about my process with this method was helpful for others who tried it out. Because, sheesh, it’s complicated, but totally worth it.

Winner: Baking the Tartine Bread

Runner Up: Marathon Nutrition

most surprising

Jessica and Neil’s friends dress up as Darth Vader in February, and I start baking wacky looking cookies as part of my cabin fever. I called these Pink Peanut Butter Hugs. I thought they looked a bit out there, but tasted great. {The base is Mama Pea’s famous Dough Balls, so of course, they rock.}

Then Heather from Chicabug blogged about them for, what else, a Zebra-themed party. It became a popular post. She called them Pink Zebra cookies, which is an infinitely better name than Pink Peanut Butter Hugs. I love it! Thanks Heather.

Winner: Pink Zebra Cookies

Runner Up: Anadama Oatmeal Bread {A beginning blog post that is so ugly, but somehow got picked up by Time Inc. for oatmeal recipes. The bread is actually quite good -for bread machine bread – but the post is visually unappetizing. I keep wanting to redo it, but I no longer have the bread machine. Oh well….}

coffee collage

I grew up truly disliking coffee.


No thanks.

None for me.

Sometime after college – maybe my second job after school? – I started drinking coffee. And now I absolutely adore it. My perfect day starts with a leisurely morning, nursing a couple of cups of coffee. The only thing is that I kind of suck at making my own cup. Last year, I did a series trying out different methods for brewing a cup of coffee.

A lot of time I still use a Keurig, but mine recently broke, so I need to get back to some alternate methods.

I’m really into Americano’s and macchiato’s over here in London, so we’ll see if I can whip those up….

Winner: Coffee Series – Espresso, French Press, Cold-brewed, Vietnamese Iced Coffee, and Pumpkin Latte

Runners Up: Good Reads – The Hunger Games {it makes me smile any time someone reads this series}, Apple Pie Bake-Off {great pie, great night, great photos}

most proud

Over twenty plus days, I cultivated a wild yeast with flour, water, and air.

I passed it along to friends.

I made this and this.

Friends baked beautiful things with it too.

It made me so happy.

{Then I left the country and let it die. So sad.}

Winner: Sourdough series:

Runners Up: Vermont City Marathon 2010, Vermont City Marathon 2011, any Daring Bakers’ Challenge

This was fun to write up, so I’m tagging quite a few!

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Angela @ Provence Calling

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Karis @ Karis’ Kitchen

Lauren @ Eat, Drink, & Be Hopeful

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Rosa @ SavURy and Sweet

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5 Responses to My 7 Links.

  1. Ah! I love it! The peanut-butter-hug-zebra-cookies really have been surprising, haven’t they?! We make a great team!! ; ) Thank you for mentioning me, Sarah, you’re so kind!

    Also, cultivating a wild yeast? That’s kinda amazing! I’d be proud, too. I can’t even use yeast from a jar properly. No joke.

  2. What a great idea for a post! Thanks for sharing!

  3. angela says:

    Thanks for the link! Are you still in Paris? London?

  4. Leo says:

    Your photos and posts are inspiring. The yumminess just leaps of the page!

  5. Great roundup! :) I always enjoy your photos and your tales. Thanks for the tag! :)

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