2nd last London weekend, part II

day trip to greenwich

My favorite way to travel {especially on a sunny day}: riverboat.

You get a tour of the buildings along the river in London + you get a suntan + you get to Greenwich.

Some students and I took a day-trip to Greenwich, via a riverboat on the Thames, on Sunday. The riverboat is a steal, especially if you are  a travelcard holder, in which case you get 1/3 off regular price.

We hopped on at the London Eye pier.

Can’t miss it.


It’s a scenic ride on the river. You get to go under Tower Bridge, which is quite the sight.


And you’re in Greenwich within the hour.


It was around lunchtime, so we grabbed a bite to eat at the uber-crowded Greenwich Market. I got a chicken teriyaki dish because the line was the shortest, and ate it leaning against a wall because there was no place to sit. On a less crowded day, it would be quite a fun market.

greenwich market

Greenwich is known for being home to the Prime Meridian. To get to it and the Royal Observatory, you hike up to the top of a steep hill from the center of town.

Incredible views.


Unfortunately, the Prime Meridian was gated off and too packed to get near. Since it’s an arbitrary line anyway, we didn’t deem it necessary to wait.

Here’s a snapshot I took from outside the gate!


We checked out the observatory though.


…I touched a really old rock…


….and enjoyed the interesting dessert options at the Observatory cafe. Not sure what a flake cone or Mr. Men Lolly is?


Before heading back to London via the riverboat, we walked around the National Maritime Museum which is nestled between the Observatory and the river.

They had quite the compass collection, and I marveled at how people navigated – then and now.

DSC_7249One of my favorite day-trips from London, mostly because of the riverboat and charming town center.

If you’re getting tired of all the travel posts – I remember coming back from being abroad and seeing people’s eyes glaze over mid-conversation about travels – sorry, my parents like them. I’ll be home soon though. And I can’t wait to bake.

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5 Responses to 2nd last London weekend, part II

  1. Looks like such a nice day over there!

    We can only guess what a Mr. Men Lolly is hahaha

  2. A flake cone is just a normal soft serve ice cream with a flake chocolate bar stuck into it like a straw. I promise you it’s a sunny day necessity and it just makes it a bit more fun! I always make sure to get at least one when I’m in the UK or Ireland.


  3. Kristi M. says:

    Did you take a Thames Clipper boat, or a City Cruise boat?

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