Anne Boleyn & Baking.


I feel like a newscaster:

“This week in London…..”


Actually, two main themes: Anne Boleyn & baking.

We have had a week of all things Anne Boleyn.

1. We visited Hampton Court Palace where she lived. {You can also wear Harry Potter-esque robes, walk through a maze, and see the world’s largest vine when you visit the palace. Fun!}

hampton court collage

2. We visited the Tower of London where she was beheaded.

tower of london

3. We went back to the Globe to see the play Anne Boleyn. It’s such a fantastic play. We saw it last year, and the cast is just killer. {No pun intended.}

4. Lastly, I baked something! A galette, which is a fancy name for a free-form tart, with the discovery of English plums, store-bought pie crust, and sugar packets.

{Yes, I became a sketchy person who swipes sugar from cafes.}


How cute are English plums?

english plums

Half-price raspberries. Like the crisp earlier in the summer, this is an “add-whatever-you-got” kind of dessert. british raspberries

This is a low-sugar dessert, since I only swiped four sugar packets. I added three sugar packets and a  squeeze of lemon juice to the fruit.


I just sort of mounded the fruit in the middle of the pie crust, folded the edges over, and brushed with an egg wash {beaten egg}. I saved one sugar packet to sprinkle over the top.


I turned the oven on {I think it was 200 C.} and baked it for about half an hour. Ta-daaaa!


The beautiful thing is that they have real whipped cream and fresh mint in all the grocery stores over here. {Oh, and natural light, so my pictures of food indoors actually look good.}


My roomies and I have even been eating this for breakfast. Oh yeah.

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4 Responses to Anne Boleyn & Baking.

  1. Megan says:

    Wow, that is resourceful baking! I hope your weather in England has been as beautiful as it is in these pictures. When I was there a while ago it was cold and rainy the whole time (and it was June)!

    • Sarah says:

      I’ve been itching to bake something for weeks! I can’t wait to make brownies and cupcakes.

      The weather was quite chilly/rainy the second week we were here. This week has been AMAZING! Blue skies and mid-seventies.

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