Wales Coast & The Mountains. Yes!


I got out of the city to see northern Wales and the mountains this weekend.

It was – swoon – incredible.  I’ll get to some pics in a moment.

I did spend a heck of a lot of time on a bus. So much, that by the time I got back to London I was sort of dizzy from reading on it for so many hours. I finished Mansfield Park and moved on to my last Jane Austen novel, Sense & Sensibility. I got a good chunk of it read.

{I also listened to Joy the Baker podcasts. Loooooove them. Does anyone else love podcasts?}


What’s that?!

Podcasts playing? Nose stuck in a book?

Yes, I went on group bus tour. At about week three on the study abroad program, I wanted to get on a bus and have someone tell me what to do. Someone else figure out the directions. Take care of the tickets. Manage the events.

It was fabulous.

I would get off the bus and think, I have no idea where we are?

It was fantastic.

Totally in the moment.

Until I caved in and had know the exact name of the place and geographic location on a map. Hahaha!

Day 1: Conwy & Llandudno

The bus driver kept shaking his head. He couldn’t get over the blue skies. He said as a child his family went on vacation to northern Wales, and he just remembers a week of rain.

Our fist stop in Wales was a small fishing town called Conwy, which was so beautiful.


It also had a castle. You know, like most small fishing villages. Kidding!

The castle was built in the late 1200’s by King Edward I, also known as Edward Longshanks because of his height. He was 6’2″, which was pretty tall back then. I saw his tomb at Westminster Abbey last week. Our guide said scientists actually tested his body to prove he was that tall some years ago.


A circus workshop was also going on in town to add to the fact that I felt like I was transported back in time.


Just some owls….


Later on that day, we stopped in Llandudno and checked in to our B&B.

wales b&b

Llandudno {“Ll” is prounded like clah and the “u” is like an i, so it sounds like Clahn-did-no, or something to that effect} is a Victorian beach resort town. Chris, our guide, sort of said it was like the Brighton of Wales.

I found it a bit more subdued  – but just as beautiful – than Brighton.

The pier was empty.


The beaches were quiet. {But I found lovely rocks for mom and me.}


The fish & chips were better….and cheaper. Although, I had to pay 30 pence a piece for those two ketchup packets. Ketchup bottles, I miss you!


On the trip, I met some fun people. We went out for a beer later that night, after our pier walking, beach strolling, and fish & chips eating.

stu and sarah

I made it home at a decent hour for a 10 p.m. showing of Camelot. Yes, I’m hooked!

Day 2: Orme, Beddgelert, Snowdonia

The next day, after a lovely B&B breakfast of toast, yogurt, and two eggs over easy, we headed out for our day two excursions. We drove up to Orme for, whew, quite the view.


Orme is just up the road from Llandudno.


Next stop, was the prettiest little town called Beddlegert.


wales flowers

The prettiest little town I have ever seen. Stone cottages, flowers galore, streams with stone bridges, brightly colored doors, and backpackers everywhere. Loved it. Go there!


Beddgelert. Don’t forget it.


It’s too cute for words.


On our way to Snowdonia peak, we stopped by a train station with the longest name in the UK.


It means, “St.Mary’s Church in the hollow of white hazel near a rapid whirlpool and the Church of St. Tysilio near the red cave.”


Here’s part of it.


I got to stamp my passport at the station.

Northern Wales, check!


Next, we went on a steam engine train up to Snowdonia, the highest peak in Wales.


Stu’s Snowdonia ale on the steam engine up to the top of Snowdonia.


I did think that we would hike to the very top of Snowdonia, but we didn’t. Ah, sad. I really wanted to go hiking, especially after seeing all the backpackers in Beddlegert!

The bus picked us up at the top, and we stopped at an overlook before heading back to London.



All in all, a great weekend.

I’ll remember Wales for many years to come, and highly encourage others to visit.

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7 Responses to Wales Coast & The Mountains. Yes!

  1. Megan says:

    I hiked up Snowdonia 12 years ago! It was my first hike ever and way more challenging than I had expected. At the time, I would have traded the hike for a steam engine ride! And I know I’ve said it before, but I just love, love, love reading about your adventures in Britain and seeing your gorgeous pictures!

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Megan! Oh, I’m jealous. I really wanted to go hiking in Snowdonia. It was just lovely and the skies were so blue. Great hiking weather. {Ironic that the BEST weather I’ve had so far was in northern Wales.}

  2. Marilyn hinderer says:

    Wow, Sarah! Your trip looks so wonderful! Halley and I race each other to the computer to see your blog each day! We are so envious! I hope Boris gets to see even half as much as you’ve got to experience when he gats over there! Enjoy, lucky girl!

    • Sarah says:

      Oh, it’s so much fun! The only sad part is that it’s going much too fast. I think we should go visit Boris in the Netherlands.

  3. Wow. I had no idea Wales was so beautiful! I always assumed it was kind of dank and gray and dreary. Perhaps it’s that way in the winter? But goodness, it looks absolutely amazing in the summertime! So green and lush and charming. A whole bunch of my ancestors are from Wales, so I feel like a trip to the “Homeland” is in store for me sometime in the future. :) Honestly, seeing your pictures of the UK and reading about your experiences there is giving me the biggest travel itch! Haha!

    • Sarah says:

      Wales was gorgeous! It sort of reminded me of Ireland. It was a great weekend trip away from the city.

      And I always have the travel itch. So many places to go…..

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