Miranda’s Birthday @ the Zoo.



mac and jenna



polar bear

zoo group






My first time going to the Columbus Zoo in something like 18 years. It was a blast! Went for Miranda’s birthday with friends and family. It’s my last day in Ohio, and I’m off to meet a college friend for coffee. And hopefully, go swimming. It’s almost 90 degrees here. Truly summer!

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One Response to Miranda’s Birthday @ the Zoo.

  1. danyelloh says:

    Okay, this will surely sound creepy, but I definitely took your photo at the front gate of the zoo! I work as one of those photographers and the funny thing is that I recognized you by the copper earrings you posted about a while back. I didn’t realize who you are or why your earrings looked so familiar to me until it was too late, otherwise I would have said something. Glad you enjoyed the zoo!

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